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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: Maps are not worth much these days but ceasefires are gold
posted 05 February 2005 23:10 EDT (US)   
Well, the strategy used to be send diplomat to a wealthy country like Greece in the first few turns, and sell map information. That would be the impetitus to establish an economy and to conquer. At least with my first campaign as Julii VH/H I found I had to come up with a new strategy.

The designers of RTW made some changes. Maps are not worth much but Ceasefires are worth their weight in gold. After putting a blockcade on the three Greek ports (Sparta, Cornith, Athens) and the Brutii doing their thing .. the Greeks approached to negotiate. "Its time to end the bloodshed .." My reply .. "The Senate made me do it .." Anyway I asked for 2K over 4 turns for 8K total .. They accepted.

I took two cities belonging to Gaul and they seemed more peeved than just having a blockade or two. They asked for settlements back and then graciously demanded a ceasefire. I made a counter-offer. Pay me 1K for 8 turns (8K Total) (I knew the Senate would not ask for much the next 10 turns since they just asked me to take Carlis) and I will provide a ceasefire (while I attack Carlis)

They accepted.

Then the Carthagian diplomat asked for a ceasefire. The pressure of a couple of blockades and taking Carlis was too much. I asked for 1K over 8 turns ... they accepted.

I never asked for money over a longer period that I would violate the ceasefire carrying out a mission. Others might not care but my experince has been that the logic remembers your transgressions.

So it looks like to me that negotiating ceasefires is the early strategy for getting the economy going and we can forget the map information gimmick ...


posted 05 February 2005 23:25 EDT (US)     1 / 4  
However the trick is to put them into a position where they'll be willing to accept a ceasefire. I've found that if you score a few military victories and blockade as many of their ports as possible, they'll cave under any conditions you want with your ceasefire.

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posted 05 February 2005 23:57 EDT (US)     2 / 4  
Yeah, it looks like AI doesn't like wars anymore. Before 1.2, the AI will never accept a ceasefire, even down to their last cities. Now they lose one city, and they ask for ceasefires.

This is nice IMO.

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posted 06 February 2005 00:09 EDT (US)     3 / 4  
And realistic. I mean, if you were Carthage and the Romans took all of Sicily, and had massive fleets roaming near your shores, wouldn't you accept?

posted 06 February 2005 01:11 EDT (US)     4 / 4  
I think they might do it a little easily. Maybe. I had greece send a diplomat to caralis is my early julii campaing to get a ceasefire and all that I myself had done was blockade syracuse for a couple turns. Of course the scipii were all over them, but that's another story.

Oh yeah, I took two gaulic settlemetns in the first 3-5 turns or so and they also asked for a ceasefire. That didn't last very long though, I had to expand.

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