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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: Squallor and unrest problems
posted 30 October 2004 00:45 EDT (US)   
Well ive played for quite a while (im in the middle of my first campaing playing w julii and ive 24 settlements) an im having the problems that EVERYONE has in this game:
SQUALLOR: When a city expands it becomes quite... well shi**y, so is there any particular strategy that u sue to control squallor. I basically wait for a plague, since it only happens in quite large cities so it doesnt matter the pop a lot. Ive tryed to train a LOT of units but still its very costly (i dont gain too much just like 10.000) and only lowers the squallor a bit.
UNREST: Unlike squallor, i dont know how the heck lower the unrest in the settlements (particulary the nwest ones). Ive tryed putting a spy in the settlement but still doent lower it, not even at a long time before the settlement is conquered or with a large army inside the settlement (and still i dont like having large armies inside settlements cuz they make a lot of squallor).
Any strategies?
posted 30 October 2004 19:54 EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Use search function is the best I can tell you, this is the fourth time this week, someone asks this !!
posted 31 October 2004 10:03 EDT (US)     2 / 3  
geez, im sorry
posted 01 November 2004 00:42 EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Yeah jeez its not a big deal.
Tell him to use search in the future, but at least answer his question while youre at it.
Unrest is caused mostly by squalor but also distance to capital and culture. Squalor cant be lowered, but it can be "offset" by public health buildings. You also raise order thru games. Culture penalty is elminated thru romanization or gaulization whatever you are. You kill old buildings like shrines to their gods and build your own.
Sometimes youll have low taxes and daily games and races and theyre still mad!! In that case just do a big garrison.

I told you I'd be back.

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