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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: So I was showing my brother how to play....
posted 15 December 2008 17:19 EDT (US)   
...and he had never played the game before. He was using the House of Julii and trying to attack Patavium, the Gallic settlement in northeast Italy, but he couldn't move his army far enough to lay siege, so he decided to build a fort.

I told him to move his army up as close to the Alps as possible so that if the Gauls tried to attack him they'd be going uphill.

And Lo & Behold, on the next turn his general got an Intrepid Explorer in his retinue! He increased movement points by 10% and added +1 line of sight to the general on the campaign map.

I have been playing RTW for several months, and I have never come across an Intrepid Explorer before. Apparently you get them by building forts in the Alps.

Has anyone else ever found one of these in their retinue?

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posted 15 December 2008 19:41 EDT (US)     1 / 10  
By far one of my favorite features is those unexpected retinues and traits. They'll fun to mess around with and give you a real goal to make your general's good.
posted 16 December 2008 02:18 EDT (US)     2 / 10  
I have, it was funny because you can get a type like that if you build enough forts near oceans and you get a seafarer or something like that. But they are fun to have when you dont see them much.

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posted 16 December 2008 08:39 EDT (US)     3 / 10  
I have got Intrepid Explorers before. It actually has nothing to do with forts. Here is the trigger:

Trigger trigger_intrepid_explorer
WhenToTest CharacterTurnEnd
Condition not EndedInSettlement
and RemainingMPPercentage <= 15
and InBarbarianLands
and IsGeneral

AcquireAncillary intrepid_explorer chance 8

Basically, they must be in lands owned by a Barbarian faction, the movement points remaining must be less than 15% at the end of the turn, and the General must not be in a settlement.

You may also get a 'Pet Sheep' retinue. After all, a man needs something to 'do' while away on campaign...

It takes -2 from troop morale, but for some reason adds +2 command against Barbarians! The triggers are much the same, except the movement points don't matter, and the general must have the first level of the Insanity trait. The internal name is quite interesting...

Trigger trigger_inflatable_sheep
WhenToTest CharacterTurnEnd
Condition not EndedInSettlement
and InBarbarianLands
and Trait Insane >= 1
and IsGeneral
and RandomPercent > 95

AcquireAncillary inflatable_sheep chance 2

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posted 16 December 2008 12:53 EDT (US)     4 / 10  
I've been playing for years and still run across new traits and retinue.
posted 16 December 2008 14:36 EDT (US)     5 / 10  
eww, the sheep thing is a bit... (the words inflatable and "doing" something aren't pretty together... watch out for the ""'s!)

Yep, it's true, having no sig is boring. But so is this one. Which makes my point... relatively pointless.
Can a point be a point when it is pointless?
posted 16 December 2008 17:08 EDT (US)     6 / 10  
I had much more fun discovering new traits and retinues before I discovered the triggers in a text file.

AAR Coming real soon :P
posted 16 December 2008 18:01 EDT (US)     7 / 10  
This is true, I enjoyed RTW much more before I started modding and learned how it all worked. It somehow lost its magic. But still an excellent game despite that!
posted 17 December 2008 02:40 EDT (US)     8 / 10  
Building forts in the Cumbrian Mountains doesn't get these guys! I decided to emigrate the Julii to Britannia, so mid-campaign I tried to get this intrepid explorer guy. I invaded Britannia Superior, built a fort near the foot of the mountains, but nothing happened. Maybe I need a family member in the fort or something...

Can barbarian factions get these ancillaries?

posted 17 December 2008 03:11 EDT (US)     9 / 10  
no edorix
intrepid explorer is a trait not a unit
posted 17 December 2008 07:30 EDT (US)     10 / 10  
Actually, it is an ancillary (Retinue member), not a trait.

And as such, Edorix, you would indeed need a family member to get one! Only non-Barbarian factions can get them. Also, as mentioned above, the fort has nothing to do with it. It is more important that your remaining movement points are below 15%. Finally, there is a random element involved - they will not always appear even if the conditions are met.

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