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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: Artificial Intelligence?
posted 04 November 2004 12:46 EDT (US)   
So here's the deal...

A full army with silver shield pikes (Seleucid) in the core, cretan archers for support, and elephants, chariots and cataphracts for flanks. And, a ten star general. I am on the way to assault Athens, currently held by Brutii.

Just beside is some rabble... some levy pikemen and such.

A full Roman army (mainly Hastati) attack the rabble, I elect to watch the AI perform by selecting manual. I get control of the rabble and the AI looks after the huge army led by my general.

So what does the AI do? Take position on a hilltop and pepper the Romans as they make their way up. Wait for pikes to engage enemy and then flank them using elephants, cataphracts and chariots?

NO! Everybody charges into the Roman army, yes even the archers. Guess who reaches first? My general, and my archers... they get cut to pieces in mid charge by twenty Roman units throwing spears! By the time I get to the field my army has routed, and I lose a battle which would set me back by about ten turns.

I am waiting for a patch for the AI! I really think this AI for written for the barbarian nations: it does nothing but charge blindly!

posted 04 November 2004 14:45 EDT (US)     1 / 8  
yeah...true. Happened to all of us. But there already is a thread about this, you could try the search button.
posted 04 November 2004 17:43 EDT (US)     2 / 8  
Yes it's a flaw, the AI always charges with it's units, and usually beening the cavalry, the general reaches the enemies first, and die first!

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posted 04 November 2004 18:40 EDT (US)     3 / 8  
Let's email CA about this problem!

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posted 04 November 2004 18:42 EDT (US)     4 / 8  
Yeah, e-mail them, maybe they'll make a patch
posted 05 November 2004 03:41 EDT (US)     5 / 8  
I'm playing as the Julii. The Scipii attacked my very remote city of Nepte (bottom left-ish - present-day Libyan desert). It has the first level of stone walls. They used a ram which I demolished with fire-arrows and they used ladders which I couldn't deal with in time.

The ladders were manned by legionaries. I wiped out the first lot on the walls but a second lot climbed up and destroyed almost all my defenders before their last man went down and by this time I had exhausted all my arrows (and archers).

I had decided that I was going to lose the city (I never go back to saved games if I lose something). The Scipii still had a full urban cohort and a legionary cohort outside the walls and 4 ladders propped up ready for use. I was left with a few cavalry, a very few legionaries and some war dogs inside.

However this was obviously too complicated for the AI which left both Scipii cohorts standing in front of the gate tower for 10 minutes getting steadily whittled down by the tower arrows. The AI strategy was novel - the urban cohort shouted "We're being attacked" to each other. If only one of them would shout back "No shit Sherlock"...

Nice outfits the Scipii have, though.

posted 05 November 2004 03:51 EDT (US)     6 / 8  


I am waiting for a patch for the AI! I really think this AI for written for the barbarian nations

I'd like to see the AI play the barbarians better too, or one that at the very least excells at ambushes, seeing as the most notable defeats of Romans by Barbarians were effectivly ambushes.

posted 05 November 2004 07:29 EDT (US)     7 / 8  
A pretty big that I found happened once when I forgot to repair my walls. The AI had about 4 or 5 rams but there was still a whole left from a previous siege. The AI abandoned the rams and everyone charged into the hole. It was pretty funny but now I make sure to repair all my walls to have a fair fight.
posted 05 November 2004 08:18 EDT (US)     8 / 8  
The problem is that you don't really need an AI. Just give it a host of strategies... depending on the army mix (yours and opponents) choose one.

Let's be frank the game graphics are awesome! And the music! Look at the pain taken for historical research and even the accuracy of the units (I mean the uniforms, fighting styles et al). But the fighting leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, how much does it take to improve it?

I have programmed: given the amount of time that the game was in development... a couple of decent chaps working throughout that time could have shipped a decent AI.

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