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Topic Subject: «elp with AMbush
posted 18 November 2004 07:19 EDT (US)   
Hi everybody.I m playing the Germans I wanted to know how you can ambush. I ve read other posts and they said that you must be in a place with no other agents,armies etc near but:

a) Is this possible?! I mean, the damn map is full of them!

b) Do you mean that you must end your movement on such a place? So,it's almost matter of luck?

c)Let's say I put my troops in a forest,near a road.How do I ambush? I should keep an eye and attack the enemy that passes or is it automatic-like showing a window whenever there is the chance of ambushing?

d) useful is it? I mean, I have tons of armies all over my land, should I waste one of mine by leaving it somewhere for several turns expecting for someone to pass?

posted 18 November 2004 10:38 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Calm down. Use ambushes if your fighting a a strong enemy with weak armies. Put your army in a forest and he will say ready to ambush. next thing your all over the enemy army. boddica killed a whole legoin this way. just have paticene.

Sorry about the spelling.

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posted 18 November 2004 17:54 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Nothing wrong with your spelling my friend,thanks a lot for the info. Ambushing sounds really cool,and I even have a general who gets +1 Command in ambush,it's just that I had no Idea how to do it. Now I ll definately try it.Thanks again!
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