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Rome Strategy Discussion
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Topic Subject: Alternative strategy for the Greek cities
posted 24 January 2013 16:11 EDT (US)   
I usually find the guides to first turns rather interesting and helpful (altgough they are often rather defensive) and found adders guide to greeces opening moves a good one. However, I tried playing as the greek cities myself and found adders description rather defensive. I did this playing on the very hard difficulty so it should be possible for everyone.
I will here lists tips and thoughts where i differed in view to Adder:
1. Sicily:
You dont have to lose Syracuse! (saying this without any intent of bragging, you have to be a rather capable general for my strategy to work). I didn't build any new troops or any buildings because I followed Adders manual. When Scipii attacked I didn't have the time to move my troops so i decided to march out and take them on. I smashed Scipii totaly and killed everyone except his general (4x80 hastati, 80 roman archers and 80 velites) and only took 27 casualties (In the end I include a quick recap of my strategy against Scipii). Having done this i Marched on Messana and captured it the next turn. I now started buildning up Syracuse and Messana and started producing hoplites in Syracuse to create an army that could take out Lilybaum and defend Sicily! This gives you great money and really keeps Scipii down.

2. Mainland Greece and conquering Macedon quickly:
Rush your troops from Thermon to Athens from the beginning so that you can use your forces from Sparta which have conquered Corith for assaulting Larssa directly. Your troops from Rhodes should directly hop on your boats and join the forces from thermon in taking Athens. This force can then be divided into one part which will run up to Apollonia to take it before Brutii. The other will join your victorius forces from Larissa to take on Thessaonica. The forces that have taken Appolonia might have to defend against an invading Brutii force and will probabely need help from all units you have managed to build in your greek cities (which should be loads). The army that took Thessalonica will need a bit of reinforcements from the south and can then finish the macedon job by taking Byzalora. Finaly your enemy i down!

3. Using your fleets to keep brutii from landning in Greece to fast!
This is very important if you want to be able to use your land forces to conquer macedon. Build ships as soon as you can in Syracuse, Thermon, Corinth and Sparta and send your fleet from Rhodes to attack any brutii navy you can find. If you plan it well you might even be able to sink his boats with his army on them!!! This is just an awesome way of killing a dangerous army

4. Planing for the future:
I find that going directly for Italy is rather difficult because all the Roman factions will throw anything they can at you if you land in Italy. Instead I wait and build myself up by building a strong fleet to knock out Brutiis and Scipiis attempts to land armies to fight you. You also want to expand south and east. I recommend taking crete, halicarnasus, nicomedia and other rebel settlements to start with so that you don't risk any unnecessary wars. Then there are some options. I like to keep from fighting the egyptians for a wile even though the nile is a great place for economic growth. Instead i focus on easy coastal settlements to maximze your profits (holdning rhodes gives you 40% extra on sea trade) before finally going for Italy and Rome herself!

Quick guide to my victory against Scipii:
Tho odds given where 3:2 in Scipiis favour which really isn't to bad. I realized that Scipii with Hastati would easily take out my militia hoplites in a heads on fight so I had to eaven out the odds a bit. Having almost exactly the same troops as Scipii (2 hoplites, 2 militia hoplites, 1 archer, 1 peltasts and one General) I came up with the solution that i had to make my ranged units win against his so that I could force him to come to me making his hastati have to charge my hoplites which would give them the edge. Standing on my walls seems like the obvious choice but I didn't think scipii would stay in range long for such a fight. So i decided to move all my troops to the right exit out of syracuse and get them up the hill outside so that I had the higher ground and could fire on his archers whn they were out of range which made Scipii move them forward and i responded with my peltasts to try to lure out his veltes. I then ran down his Velites with my General and scared away his archers. I now focused my fire on his Hastati which moved forward and got heavily pepperd by my ranged units. By moving my middle units back (my militia hopplites) I created a hole in my line which locked in his Hastati making it easier for my genral to charge in their backs and giving my ranged units better angels to work with. When I started his Hastati chain rout his general and remainig archers started running away and I managed to chase down his archers.

Good luck, and please comment with alternative strategies or other stuff
posted 25 January 2013 03:28 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
That is more or less what I do, though maybe I'm not quite so aggressive. I choose to defend Syracuse rather than sally as I think it's risky. You've only got a couple of hoplites and militia, they'll take losses from the pila and you could get in trouble if the Hastati don't stand still but instead wander about and try to get around your flanks. A hammer and anvil from their general and you'll be in big trouble. So I tend to sit on the defensive, put my archers on the walls but out of range of those Romans who will scale them. Then when everyone's walking through the streets I shoot them in the backs and pay particular attention to wearing down the general's hit points. The Romans also getting shot up by the towers, so by the time they get to the square where your hoplites are waiting patiently, there's not many of them left and they're tired. So by defending it's a cheap and sure-fire win, with almost no casualties and you can go right for Messana which will only have a couple of generals in it. Sicily can then by defended by the navy. I get those three biremes over there as fast as possible and replace them with triremes when they're available.

For Greece I also attack Macedon on the first turn, though I've never bothered doing anything with the Thermon garrison other than disbanding the peltasts to save some money. I take Corinth in the second turn and put Athens under siege, then work my way up the country as fast as possible. Building city barracks in Sparta is essential too, do it in the first turn. After that I again rely on Triremes from Athens to defend Greece, though I don't mind the Brutii having a little foothold as they don't bring anything of much significance with them. I boot them back out quickly enough.
posted 25 January 2013 05:28 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
A nice little guide, and like Shieldwall it is basically what i do as well. After Gaining all of Greece and Macedonia, it is a good idea to retrain all your troops and form them into at least 2 full strength armies that can be used to fight the Romans. This would allow a rapid capture of Italy and after that, the world is your oyster. Taking out Pontus in the time between securing Greece and attacking Italy is a good goal, as well as finishing securing the Aegean Sea and around it.

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