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Topic Subject: (HotseatA) Hotseat position / general discussion
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posted 07 December 2008 04:28 EDT (US)   
Hotseat game status: - Sicily has won on turn 115

Players (in turn order): (with links to write-ups) plus some other links where I consider it to be funny

Selifator: England
Kilij Ae Varyl: Spain


Me Sicily

EoJ: Turks
I think I might have referenced this video before in the first crusade
This might be more appropriate... Looks like I was right there

Rankings - Turn 101

Rankings - Turn 69

Glacier_Girl played as sub for England - T29, T30
- played as sub for Sicily - T33

Monty501 played as sub for Spain T30, T 31
JuBuOrangie played as sub for Venice - T31 to T40
Lloydsgamble played as sub for Venice T41 to 42
Brutiangodofrock played as sub for Venice T43 to T65
Zsmart one played as sub for Turks T50 to T65
Hashoosh played as sub for Turks T64

Rules to note:

No 'exploiting' of any kind (e.g. putting forts on resources and stocking them with merchants) nor reloading your go to get a better result.

If I don't hear from a player within 4 days of receiving a turn, I will try to find a sub to take the turn.

If you don't expect to be able to play within 4 days, just let me know - extensions are fine (preferably not too often though please). I'll send a reminder email after a couple of days as a prompt.

If you expect an extended absence, e.g. not being able to play for over a week, you're invited to arrange a sub, giving them instructions etc so your turn is played as you'd like it to be.

An 'un-arranged' sub has the option to take over after 2 weeks or 10 turns The '2 weeks' here looks a little low, but the turn limit looks high?

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posted 17 July 2011 02:11 EDT (US)     1351 / 1439  
That really wasn't very furious - either your standards of anger are rather lax or you're a master at quietly seething inside.
Give me not only the settlement that you took from me, but one that used to belong to me and another that just happens to look nice - or, by jingo sir I shall be most displeased
Ok, so not exactly a quote, but similarish.
posted 17 July 2011 07:03 EDT (US)     1352 / 1439  
It was furiously winging its way to you. Does that count?

Also, I still think I control Spain, I think, seeing as I demanded Bran, thinking it was rightfully Turkish and stolen during the war Silly me, 'twas Venice it was stolen from!

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 31 July 2011 19:21 EDT (US)     1353 / 1439  
If it is needed, I can play as sub. Or if anybody knows another hotseat that is still in need of a player I would be happy to join.
posted 01 August 2011 01:19 EDT (US)     1354 / 1439  
That might be quite a timely offer - our newest player boorego hasn't been heard from in a little while, leaving Spain potentially in need of a guiding hand. We'd agreed to give boorego a little longer to resurface before passing his turn out to someone else - but if you're willing to take a turn or two as Spain (or longer if boorego doesn't come back) that'd be splendid.
posted 01 August 2011 08:06 EDT (US)     1355 / 1439  
If Boorego is not responding, I will be happy to sub untill he returns to action.

But I have to mention that the I have been following the very detailed topics (action plans) of all the human factions here on the forum..

I will avoid them from now on and don't use the information in there and ofcourse try to stay with the tactics that Boorego uses.
posted 02 August 2011 08:39 EDT (US)     1356 / 1439  
That doesn't bother me personally, I wouldn't trust anything I've written anyway

If you could show your email address in your profile then I'll pop a save file over to you.

Have you seen discussion earlier in this thread about what you need (retrofit 1.0, patch 1.5) and how the hotseat works (or should work) or would you like a brief summary?
posted 02 August 2011 13:50 EDT (US)     1357 / 1439  
Sorry about that. I've just finished my turn and I'll be sending it into you Swampy.

EDIT: It's not much of an excuse but I've had some personal things going on in my life, thus why I've taken this long to get my turn in. I'll prevent this sort of thing in the future.

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posted 02 August 2011 14:07 EDT (US)     1358 / 1439  
Boorego - that's fine, if something comes up in real life that needs your attention then delays can be expected. If Jarno is willing in future then if either you, EoJ or Selifator (or me I suppose) could ask him (generic assumption, no offence intended if it's wrong) to take a turn or two if you need to be not spending time on the hotseat for a bit.
Ideally if in future you could give some sort of heads up, keeping me or one of the other players informed, we'd have less worrying when we don't hear back from a while, that'd be good - but again I appreciate it's not always possible/practical and a game like this shouldn't really be top priority quite often. So no worries.
I hope whatever it was/is has gone/goes ok.
posted 03 August 2011 05:57 EDT (US)     1359 / 1439  
Now I've downloaded the Retrofit mod. The version of my Kingsdoms game is 1.05. So I just guess you mean 1.05 and not 1.5 because I've a version only 1 year old it must be the one with the latest patch.

Also I've added my emailadres in my profile. If someone can't play a turn because something comes up I will be ready to jump into the action. I don't mind playing only one turn. it can be usefull if the player that can't play a turn emails me with their plans for the next turn.
posted 03 August 2011 07:53 EDT (US)     1360 / 1439  
1.05, 1.5, sort of similar, ish. Well spotted.

I'll send over an old file to check it works ok - it's surprising how often players have found that something goes awry somewhere.
posted 04 August 2011 07:41 EDT (US)     1361 / 1439  
I've checked the save file and it works fine. Have tried some moves with Sicily and it seems like a great Hotseat.

Let me know if there's a sub needed.
posted 04 August 2011 08:02 EDT (US)     1362 / 1439  
Thanks for the offer, though, Jarno
It is indeed a slightly mental hotseat.

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 06 August 2011 05:00 EDT (US)     1363 / 1439  
Turn 77 on to EoJ

Oops, I forgot to do the turn ranking charts.

I don't imagine I'd like them anyway...
posted 14 August 2011 13:03 EDT (US)     1364 / 1439  
Hey, I'm starting my Spain hotseat thread and would like to know how to upload photos as well as if its highly recommended since it seems like a lotta work. =D

I know I can click 'printscreen' then go to some photo site to upload the photos one by one right? But wouldn't that take forever, having reload the game after ever photo?
posted 14 August 2011 19:03 EDT (US)     1365 / 1439  
I've got a plug in on photoshop that allows me to load the screenshots that are saved in the /tga folder in the base folder. You can just keep hitting print screen while you're playing, then load them up after.

FYI, I shall be with sporadic internet access for the next 5 days- I've been emotionally blackmailed to go to Cornwall.

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 14 August 2011 22:22 EDT (US)     1366 / 1439  
I would like to sub if a position is still available and if not i too would like to be guided to a different hotseat
posted 15 August 2011 15:25 EDT (US)     1367 / 1439  
Thanks Warboss - we're running with all players currently (Venice is just about out of it so doesn't count) but it'd be good to keep you as a contact if someone can't play for a turn or two. You seem to have found Joopie's Americas hotseat, that's the only other one that's about to be going that I know of.

boorego, in terms of writing, there are some guides here:,8998,,20
In particular Subrosa's one:

There's a mention in there that anti-aliasing will cause the screen shots to fail - you don't have to worry about that as the error in RTW was fixed for M2TW.

The main steps are:

1) Take screenshots and get them into a usable form
To do that, either use the built-in screenshot function, pressing printscreen and then going to the Medieval 2/TGAs folder, or using an external program like x-fire or fraps.

If you use the build in one, there's an additional step (being the 'usable form' mentioned about):
- the screenshots are all saved as .tga files. If you have photoshop then you can open all the pictures you save from a turn and then use the 'process multiple' file option to save them all as .jpg files. If not see Subrosa's guide for a few links to free alternatives that do a similar thing.

2) Upload
I use Image Shack, there are plenty of online picture depositories about though. Once you've uploaded your pictures then it ought to give you options to get pre-built thumbnail links - doing this for multiple pictures at once makes your life a bit easier as you can rearrange the pictures in your write-up thread later if needs be (previewing your post when half written with all the pictures just in one lump can make things simpler)

Good luck, it's nice to see someone else writing things up
posted 15 August 2011 18:57 EDT (US)     1368 / 1439  
Nice to know heres my email
posted 20 August 2011 12:03 EDT (US)     1369 / 1439  
I would be willing to sub too, but I'll need 1.03 for M2TW, then Retrofit, just need a little help, finding the "right" patches, I got US Gold Edition and have already patched kingdoms to 1.05. Then I might need help with Retrofit. Overall I'm just really new to patching and other downloads.

I'd be glad to be a sub if needed.

"An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
"The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli
posted 21 August 2011 03:53 EDT (US)     1370 / 1439  
but I'll need 1.03 for M2TW
As long as Kingdoms is installed, M2TW itself should be at 1.03 I think - but anyway, Retrofit is for Kingdoms (designed to make Kingdoms have the main campaign) and we're using 1.05 patch anyway so all you need is the mod...

EoJ has been away for a few days - hopefully he should be back around now and thus I expect his turn to be taken soon. If not, who knows maybe he'll need a sub...

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posted 21 August 2011 16:21 EDT (US)     1371 / 1439  
I don't know why, but it still shows M2TW as 1.02. And on the instructions for retrofit, on the ceveats and known issues, it say 1.03 is necissary. I don't know where to find US 1.03.

"An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
"The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli

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posted 21 August 2011 17:18 EDT (US)     1372 / 1439  
If you have Kingdoms it should patch up automatically upon installation of a Kingdoms game...


And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
posted 22 August 2011 04:35 EDT (US)     1373 / 1439  
As EoJ says, it all ought to patch up when you install Kingdoms - however just in case, here's the link to the 1.03:
posted 22 August 2011 10:51 EDT (US)     1374 / 1439  
Thats an EU patch, it says it when you get to the page. Then from the same site, I saw 1.3 for Gold, but I can't find the medieval2.exe file which they ask you to change to medieval2old.exe before you download it

"An emperor is subject to no one, but god and justice" -Barbarrosa
"The best fortress a prince can possess is the affection of his people" -Niccolo Machiavelli

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posted 02 September 2011 04:41 EDT (US)     1375 / 1439  
Turn 79 on to the Turks.

This time I've got new ranking charts to put up - when I get around to it
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