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Topic Subject:M2TW: Kingdoms Newbie FAQ
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Gaius Colinius
Seraph Emeritus
posted 02 August 2007 12:05 EDT (US)         

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

* General
* Gameplay
* Americas Campaign
* Brittania Campaign
* Crusades Campaign
* Teutonic Campaign

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What is Medieval II: Kingdoms?
Medieval II: Kingdoms is the newest addition to the popular Total War series, released by the folks at The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. It is an expansion to the popular Medieval II: Total War game.

How is it different from Medieval II: Total War or previous expansions to Total War games?
This is an expansion with so much more to offer than previous expansions. There are four diverse campaigns and these are: Brittania; Teutonic Crusades; Holy Land Crusades and the New World. There are 23 playable factions including Aztec and Native Americans as well as the awesome Crusader order, the Teutonic Knights. There will be over 150 new units including the Greek Flamethrower. You will be able to control multiple armies in battle and generals will have new abilities & traits with the possibility of getting actual historical leaders. Forts on the campaign map will become permanent features and the game will feature the hotseat multiplayer mode.

What is the timespan of the game?
It varies depending on the campaign you play. The Americas campaign begins in 1519, the Brittania campaign in 1258, Crusades in 1174 and the Teutonic campaign in 1250.

What are the minimum requirements?
We don't know yet what the minimum requirements will be to run the game but if you can run Medieval II: Total War on your computer, you should be okay. The requirements for Medieval II: Total War were as follows:

* English version of Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP.
* Celeron 1.8GHz Pentium 4® (1500MHz) or equivalent AMD® processor.
* 512MB RAM.
* 8x Speed DVD-ROM drive (1200KB/sec sustained transfer rate) and latest drivers.
* 11.0 Gigs of uncompressed free hard disk space.
* 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers.
* 100% Windows® 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers.
* DirectX® 9.0c.
* 128MB Hardware Accelerated video card with Shader 1 support and the latest drivers.
* Must be 100% DirectX® 9.0c compatible.
* Monitor must be able to display 1024x768 resolution or above.

Is there a demo available?
No not yet but we will be linking it the minute it becomes available. It will probably have a playable battle for fans to get a taste of the action they can expect when they buy the full expansion.

About how much will it cost and when it is released?
It has not been released yet but Amazon have it on their page as being STG£19.99 on pre-order. Hope you can wait till the end of August which is when it will be released!!!
What is the game rated?
The game has a PEGI rating of Ages 16 and Over

Gameplay Information

How many and what factions are available?
There are 23 playable factions.

Americas Campaign:

Playable Factions:

* Spain - yellow and red
* Aztecs - light blue and yellow
* Mayans - green and white
* Apachean Tribes - blue and brownish tan (brownish tan dominant)
* Chichimeca - black and red
* Tlaxcalans - orange and white
* Tarascans - yellow and black

Nonplayable Factions:

* France - blue and white
* England - red and yellow

How do you get the Europeans to come?
You wait. Their an Emergent Faction

About what turns do they emerge?
France, 20-30, and England 30-40

In my building Queue I can barely build anything worth building when I play as Spain. Whats the deal??
You need to earn more titles, by gaining prestige with the Spanish royal family.

Every couple of turns, you'll get a message from the king, to take a certain settlement, or do something else. Much like Senate Missions in R:TW. After completing so many, you are awarded with a new title. When you get a new title, that means you may build newer Buildings, and recruit different units.

What are the different titles?
They go in this order: Lord, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis

When play as the Apache, why can't recruit units I should be able to, because I have the necessary Wigwams.
You have to conquer more. After every few battles, and a certain number of settlements, you gain new units. The more you fight the better your units.
(See the faction overview also)

Now, the Apache and the Chichimec are supposed to have horses and stuff right? How do I get them?
You have to fight European factions. In order to get cavalry, you have to fight, and win against and army with cavalry in it 10 times. Same with Muskets, though you have to fight & defeat against gunpowder enemies 10 times.

Whats a Warpath?
Its much like a Crusade or Jihad from Vanilla Medieval 2: Total War. As the Apaches, you may call one against another town, usually a Catholic one, and send some armies out after you dedicate it to the Warpath, much like you would if it were a crusade by going to the Mercenary Recruitment page, and selecting the Warpath button. You army gets twice the movement points and is able to recruit cheaper mercenaries.

I can't play with cavalry as the Aztecs! When do they get Cavalry?
They don't

Well do-
Neither do the Tarascans, Mayans and Tlaxcalans

How am I supposed to conquer all of Latin America as Spain, I mean, I'll need more then 200 turns!
Its easier then you think. You start off with Cortes' near Vera Cruz. He is set to conquer the Aztecs. You can also use Vera Cruz to recruit more troops. In turn 10-20 a Spanish Army, almost completely full, appears in the Yucatan Peninsula to conquer the Mayans. Turn 20-30 you'll get an army, this time a little north of Vera Cruz. It is supposed to conquer Central to Northern Mexico. and turn 30-60 and expedition will appear in Florida. Every expedition comes with more gunpowder troops then the last showing the changing times. They all include a general, up to 5 units of Musketeers, cavalry, swordsmen, and 1 unit of Culverin. The last expedition in Florida even has Spanish Dragoons!

Brittania Campaign:

Playable Factions:

* England - red and yellow. Three lions.
* Ireland - yellow and green. Harp.
* Scotland - dark blue and white. Saint Andrew' cross's.
* Wales - green and red. Dragon.
* Norway - dark blue and dark red (dark red dominant) Lion holding axe.

Non-Playable Factions:

* The Baron's Alliance

Do I have to man those forts? It's just, half of my army is, leaving my towns almost defenceless!
No. You don't. They are permanent, so they will stay their, even when Empty.

I'm playing as Wales, and on like the 3rd turn, england just send a full stack and attacked me! I don't even have diplomatic relations with them!
Ireland, and Wales start the game at war with England

Even though I have a large town, I can't recruit some of my best units.
That because you have to raise your nationality in the town. When you capture a town, go to the settlement details screen. Where Religeon usually is, it has a nationality bar, that tells you the percent of the poulation under yourt nationality, and the percent thats not. In order to recruit most units, you need to have a high nationality percent in your town.

How to I raise the nationality percent?
The longer you own the town the better. Also, build some more impovements, such as Town Halls, or the various churches. It also helps when that province isn't bordering any other factions territory

Crusades Campaign:

Playable Factions:

* Kingdom of Jerusalem - white and gold (white dominant). Gold Cross.
* Principality of Antioch - blue and red
* Egypt - gold and black. Crescent.
* Turks - green and yellow
* Byzantium - purple and white

Non-Playable Factions:

* The Mongols - dark green and cream
* Venice - dark red and yellow
* France - blue and white

What is the Diplomatic status of the Factions in the Crusades campaign?
The Principality of Antioch is Allied with the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and Is at war with the Turks.
The Kingdom of Jerusalem, is at war with the Egyptians. The Byzantine Empire has no relations.

Can I construct Permanent Forts?

What are power centers?
Their basically the most important town in your Empire. They allow you to recruit good units, that you can't recruit unless you own it. These are the towns and units-
  • Jerusalem- Kingdom of Jerusalem - Knights of Jerusalem, Dismounted Knights of Jerusalem.
  • Krak de Chavaleirs -Principality of Antioch- Hospitaller Seargent, Gunner, Crossbowmen.
  • Cairo- Eygpt- Sibyan al Khass, Khassaki
  • Baghdad- The Turks- Hasham, Dismounted Hasham
  • Constantinople- The Byzantine Empire- Archontopulai, Greek Fire thrower.

    Are thier any bonus's if I capture one of the Power Centers?
    Yes. Not only do you disable that faction from creating some of thier best units, you may gain holy Relics from capturing one.
    Whats happens if I lose my power center? Will I lose the game?
    No, in fact, reinforcements will come to help you take it back.

    So, were is my faction hero? I don't have him yet, and am starting to worry he died already...
    A: Some factions start out with them, others get them later in the game. Here is a list of the hero's and thier abilities.
  • Manual Comemnus, The Byzantine Empire, Byzantine Politics
    A few enemy units start fighting each other, and refuse to move for a small amount of time. It can only be used once a battle.
  • Nur ad-Din, the Turks, Light of Faith
    Increases the Attack speed and Morale of Troops for awhile. It can be used more then once a battle.
  • Saladin, Eygpt, Righteousness of Faith
    All units not broken get a morale boost. Can be used more then once per battle.
  • Richard, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Heart of the Lion
    Stops all routing units, and raises their morale, can be used more then once.
  • Phillip II, Principality of Antioch, Flower of Chivalry
    Increases attack and Stamina of his army for awhile, can be used more then once a battle.

    Teutonic Campaign:

    Playable Factions:

    * Teutonic Order - white and black (white dominant)
    * Lithuania - dark blue and red (dark blue dominant). Mounted soldier.
    * Denmark - red and white.
    * Novgorod - yellow and dark blue (yellow dominant)
    * Poland - red and white.
    * Holy Roman Empire - black and yellow.

    Non-Playable Factions:

    * Norway

    Is it true, as the Teutonics you can only build castles?
    A: In a way. If you capture an enemy town, you may leave it as it is. Also, you are given one chance for each town to convert. So you can convert your 1 town to a castle, but can't turn it back. Same as with all the other settlements.

    Mongolians!? I thought I wiped them out in Medieval 2!
    A: Yes, the Mongols are a (non-playable) faction. Don't worry! They aren't a horde in this game, and are quite weak compared to the Teutonic Knights.

    I can't recruit Dismounted/Mounted Ritterbruders, even though I have the building that makes them available.
    In order to recruit them, you must raise the percent of Catholics in your Province. That goes for a few other units such as Christ Knights. I suggest building Churches, and sending over a few priests.

    I've been hearing a lot about this "Kalmar Union" What is it?
    It when, as Denmark, you unite your empire with the Norwegians.

    What are the benefits of this, rather then wiping out those pesky Norwegians?
    You gain 3 special units, only previously available to the Norwegian army. If they still have a province or two, you gain them, peacefully, without rebellion (usually). If they have any armies what so ever, they become yours, along with any special units, such as Merchants. If you get the Union, you'll also notice your flag changes from the red, Danish bird, to a red cross with a yellow background. This is your new flag, so bear it well. It appears on the battlefield as well, but your units keep their red color.
    Note the three special units are bugged at present. CA will be releasing a patch to fix but there are unofficial bug fixes.

    How to I get the Union?
    As Denmark, you must capture most of Scandinavia, except for the provinces originally held by Norway. Then you should get a note saying you as the King of Denmark should assert yourself over the Norwegian thrown, and only one man stands in the way, the Norwegian King. Now here comes the confusing part. You must kill Norway's king in order to get the union. But you must not destroy Norway in the process. Meaning, in order to have a union, Norway still must be there. Once the king dies, weather from old age, assassination, or battle, you gain the option to form a union with Norway.

    I just got a message notifying me, the Hanseatic league is looking for a HQ. What the heck??
    The Hanseatic League is a guild. A very important guild. When you get that message, somewhere it states a few towns names, which change from game to game. It should be your goal to capture as many of these cities as possible, as each one you capture, gives you points. Each city is worth 5 points per turn, and recruiting merchants from one of those cities gives you bonus points. You want to acquire 200 points, for then the League will ask you to take its HQ in one of your cities.

    4,000 florins? Moneys tight.... I don't think I can spare it.
    Do it! You'll make that money up next turn. The Hanseatic League gives you a significant trade bonus with a few thousand florins a turn.

    Some one else has gotten the HQ. Can I just capture their city, so I capture the HQ?
    No. Once you capture the city, the HQ gets destroyed. Once gone, it's gone forever so you can't get it back either.

    What turn is gunpowder invented?
    Between turn 20-30.

    Thanks to Blaster Fodder for the Q&As!

    -Love Gaius
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  • AuthorReplies:
    HG Alumnus Superbus
    posted 04 April 2009 04:10 EDT (US)     51 / 56       
    You can just put in the old M2TW disc and play vanilla version, too.

    And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
    posted 04 April 2009 09:10 EDT (US)     52 / 56       
    Actually, I want to play vanilla with boiling oil and working hotseat mode. How do I do that?
    posted 04 April 2009 11:45 EDT (US)     53 / 56       
    Install the Retrofit mod, it makes hotseat available for Vanilla. Though I don't know about the boiling oil.

    You can't say that civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.

    Chauvinism is not a particularly nice trait at the best of times but can be suicidal when the person your talking too can have you executed on a whim.

    Facebook, anyone?
    posted 14 August 2010 04:53 EDT (US)     54 / 56       
    Hello guys I just got the kingdoms but when I entered 'E:\britannia\main\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign'
    folder there is no file in there and I cant intall or play britannia campaign
    So guys can someone upload these file for me or can show how to find them
    thanks a lot

    [This message has been edited by yusuftoran (edited 08-14-2010 @ 04:54 AM).]

    HG Alumnus Superbus
    posted 14 August 2010 05:52 EDT (US)     55 / 56       
    Have you actually done the whole installation process? You get the option of installing each campaign in a menu during it, so make sure you check the Britannia campaign.

    And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
    posted 14 August 2010 09:48 EDT (US)     56 / 56       
    yes ı checked the Britannia campaign on the installation got an error ı skiped it ı cant get main menu even
    my problem is the files that in 'E:\britannia\main\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign' here not exist
    ı need that files
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