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Topic Subject:scotland campaign
posted 20 July 2009 10:40 EDT (US)         
I didn't know where to put this topic.
as Scotland I control Carlisle and everything to the north also all islands to the north and east, Wales controls all of the south except for Nottingham(England) / London, Oxford, Winchester and Arundel are controlled by the barrons alliance.
on the Irish isle: Ireland controls everything except trim(England) and Dublin(Wales). the central isle: castle town is controlled by the Norwegians but they can't get anywhere there port is blocked by a huge amount of ships.

I am allied by everyone except for England and Norway.
the rest is neutral witch each other only Wales and barons alliance are allies.

And my brave William Wallace killed the crusading king of England.

and don't know if it's better to attack the Irish isle or go get the Wales.

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posted 20 July 2009 14:10 EDT (US)     1 / 3       
I'd try to take out the Welsh and Baron's Alliance before making a foray into Ireland, better to secure the most likely front to break out into war before taking on a more obscure front with little to offer but cotton and linen and potatoes(I live in Ireland so I can say that )

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posted 20 July 2009 15:01 EDT (US)     2 / 3       
I think the Wales are to diplomatic powerful.

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posted 21 July 2009 16:12 EDT (US)     3 / 3       
So essentially you control Scotland and the Highlands and Islands? Good, you've consolidated your territory. No more Norse raiders or Highland gallowglasses can swarm the Lowlands. Now, what I'd do is this. And I've done this often enough to know:

1) Turn Inverness into a town, and Inverlochly into a village. Construct roads in the former.
2) Turn Dumfries into a castle - it's easier to attack from here than it is to rally a force at Edinburgh and march south. This also gives you the ability to get soldiers across the Irish Sea quickly whilst allowing the Western Isles to make a fortune.
3) Garrison the fort on the border with as many Highland units as you can find in Edinburgh - they're better than militia at holding back the heavy infantry that the English use.
4) Turn Mull into a town, so you have enough money to upgrade the castle on Skye. Turn Arran into a castle.
5) Begin recruiting a fleet at Glasgow.
6) Train Highland units in Dumfries, and send them to this fleet when you're done. Also send your family member from Glasgow. Begin recruiting whatever you fancy in Skye.
7) Sail to Skye, occasionally stopping off (I usually do this in Lochaber) to recruit mercenaries. You'll want more Highlanders, and you will definitely need galloglaich.
8) Begin recruiting whatever you want in Arran, but nothing too expensive.
9) Sail back to Arran and put the garrison on your fleet.
10) If you think you can take the Isle of Man, take it. If not, train militia in Glasgow and make Skye into a town. Put the militia onto the ships, and keep training them until you think you can take the Isle of Man.
11) Exterminate when you take Castle Town. The Norse presence on the island will make the people rebellious - for a good example of what strong native culture can do, take a look at how the English are doing in Ireland.

So, why take the Isle of Man? Well, by this time it will be a strong fortification, and after a few turns of holding it (and possibly the construction of a few farms) you'll be able to take advantage of the Norse culture to recruit powerful shock infantry that can, with the help of the gallowglasses, break most Welsh defences (which are militia and longbowmen, with the occasional unit of heavy infantry that, as they are two-handed, will be torn apart by Highlanders).

Control of the Isle of Man also gives you control of the Irish Sea. You can block ports and move troops around, as long as you keep a relatively large fleet there (which is easy, as you don't need one anywhere else).

I'd simply just sit back and watch the factions in the British Isles tear each other apart. Perhaps you can pay both Wales and the Baron's Alliance to fight each other, although they're usually allied, or at least give some money to England so it can hold its own against them.

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