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Medieval 2: Kingdoms Discussion
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Topic Subject: teutonic help
posted 25 June 2011 17:03 EDT (US)   
ive played rome total war since...well i cant even remember now. Only played medieval more recently, but ive got good experience in battle management, so im alright there, and i thought i was good at campaigns, considering ive played on vh vh and not had too much trouble with factions in rtw..

but the teutonic order is causing me shit man! haha, i feel rather nooby, because everyone says their easy. but im finding the starting turns stupidly hard, with a downward spiralling economy and enemies on all but one side (alliance with poland). if i can get a stable economy and a relatively decent army together i'll be fine, but advice on the starting say 20 turns would be really appreciated, im trying this on vh, might drop it to hard, so i wanna know what to build where and what to recruit where, considering the problem of a split empire and that novgorod always seem to attack, as well as either the mongols or denmark, cheers peeps

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posted 14 July 2011 06:51 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
The only Teutonic campaign I've finished was as Denmark but I have played as the Teutonic Order before, I just never finished the campaign. The only advice I can really give is to blitz Lithuania as this will connect your Prussian provinces with your Livonian ones. Novgorod attacking is inevitable, even if they are your allies, but if you've taken Lithuania, you will be in a better position to reclaim your lost territories as you won't have to ship armies from Prussia. As well as Poland, try and ally yourself with the HRE. In my Denmark campaign the HRE went to war with Poland so if the same thing happens in your campaign, break your alliance with Poland and help the HRE. That way you don't have to focus everything on Poland as they will be fighting on two fronts, so you can still focus on Lithuania/ Novgorod while snatching up some Polish territories.
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