posted 26 February 2017 06:18 EDT (US)   
March 15, 2017

I need someone to beta test this Medieval2 mod. I'm asking this because my computer is having an overheating issue lately. My laptop is really old and might be on its last leg. The mod is near complete and I need someone to play 60 turns and see what needs to be change. If anyone wants to beta test this, please leave a reply and I'll upload it, otherwise, the mod might have to be shelve.

March 11, 2017 -- Here is an update.

I've been working on a revision for an units add-on mod for Medieval2. I was wondering if anyone has the Kingdom expansion because I want to port a few units into vanilla and I want to use the original textures. If anyone would like to help, I can explain and guide you on how to extract only the needed files-You don't need to unpack the whole game. Here's a pic of work in progress. It won't be finish anytime soon. Discussion of the game is welcome.

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