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Empire: Total War (Archived-See Empire: Total War Heaven)

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Topic Subject: Empire: Total War Discussion thread
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posted 22 August 2007 06:13 EDT (US)   
Empire: Total War is marching slowly towards us!

Relevant links:

The official site
Preview article on land combat at Gamespot
Another land combat preview at IGN
Total War Heaven Youtube channel - featuring some trailers


1. Do we have a release date?
The game is currently scheduled to be out in February 2009.

2. How many factions will there be?
There will be 12 playable factions, all playable from the start. Currently confirmed factions are Britain, Prussia, France, Spain, America, Austria, the Dutch Republic and the Ottoman Empire. References to Peter the Great and Charles XII mean that Russia and Sweden are likely candidates as well. A CA developer has said:
We have over 50 factions in the game, and we can't create all of them in the full detail they deserve. Therefore we limit the number of playable factions, but we can't say which ones are playable just yet, simply because we haven't made a final decision. Rest assured though that all major factions (even the non-playable ones) will be represented in high detail.
3. Do we know system requirements? Will the game require Vista?
There are no released system requirements yet, but the game will run with DirectX 9.0, so Vista will not be a minimum requirement for the game. DX10 support is likely but not needed.

4. What period will the game cover?
Empire: Total War will cover the 18th century and the early 19th century.

5. What will the campaign map be?
The latest information suggests that it will include Europe, North and South America, North Africa, Central Asia, India, and Indonesia.

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posted 02 December 2008 00:57 EDT (US)     251 / 254  
To prevent any forum misdemeanors, I will take the privilege, or the honor, of guiding us to our next topic of discussion.

Next sub topic:

Will they introduce unit ranks? Such as sergeants, standard barriers, lieutenants etc.

Ranking officers will provide the following:

Increase unit moral
Special Abilities
Increase troop efficiency (Accuracy, reload times etc)
Be able to command the units when a general is not on the battlefield.

It would be almost the same as a MTW2/RTW general, except they would be assigned to a specific unit. And there would be still the typical field general.


posted 03 December 2008 17:46 EDT (US)     252 / 254  
i read somewhere that flags and standards will boost moral
and music could also increase combat efficiancy(by boosting adrenaline)
i think it will be mainly generals still
but who knows
posted 12 December 2008 12:09 EDT (US)     253 / 254  
In the week before Christmas, we have been promised the following (by a little birdie):
We have lots of releases slated next week before the holidays two faction features, two 3D units, an FAQ and a video.

-Love Gaius
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posted 12 December 2008 16:08 EDT (US)     254 / 254  
Oooh looks like Gaius has employed tactics of EoJ in secondary school to get some information from CA.

I like the way you operate!

General Rawlinson- This is most unsatisfactory. Where are the Sherwood Foresters? Where are the East Lancashires on the right?

Brigadier-General Oxley- They are lying out in No Man's Land, sir. And most of them will never stand again.

Two high ranking British generals discussing the fortunes of two regiments after the disastrous attack at Aubers Ridge on the 9th May 1915.

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