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Empire: Total War (Archived-See Empire: Total War Heaven)

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Topic Subject: IGN Article: Empire: Total War Hands-on
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posted 19 December 2008 14:51 EDT (US)   
IGN have written an article on naval battles and land skirmishes.

Some very intresting information about Gentleman on their attributes including information where by challenging a general to an duel won't mean war will be declared; just prestige won or lost.

In addition with different forms of government and how rebellion is possible in your capital city if you **** off your subjects.


General Rawlinson- This is most unsatisfactory. Where are the Sherwood Foresters? Where are the East Lancashires on the right?

Brigadier-General Oxley- They are lying out in No Man's Land, sir. And most of them will never stand again.

Two high ranking British generals discussing the fortunes of two regiments after the disastrous attack at Aubers Ridge on the 9th May 1915.

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posted 22 December 2008 18:44 EDT (US)     26 / 29  
I agree with Hussar, the article probably doesn't mean an actual Demo.
Can anyone remember if family members split during civil wars in MTW1 or do they all follow your choice?

It would be irritating to lose top class generals to a badly timed revolt.
Civil wars in MTW, I believe, occurred only if there was a general with royal blood and low loyalty to lead the rebel side. This was one of the downsides of offering a prncess to one of your generals to increase his loyalty - if he still had low loyalty he might revolt.

But as we know, ETW generals will not be limited to a royal family anyway, so perhaps there will need to be a general with high influence and low loyalty in order to spark a civil war. Though possibly royal generals will have a trait that increases their influence, making them more likely to be the rebel leader.
posted 22 December 2008 19:05 EDT (US)     27 / 29  
Hmm interesting. It would be a shame to lose a general with good abilities to a rebellion but if your king/leader was poor, then you'd have the option to switch to them and start afresh.

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posted 22 December 2008 19:33 EDT (US)     28 / 29  
lol reminds me of RTW Generals.... stupid :O
posted 22 December 2008 22:54 EDT (US)     29 / 29  
Except remember that civil wars and rebellions will not be sparked by ambitious generals in this game, but by an uncontented populace, with whom some generals will most likely side in a conflict.

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