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Topic Subject: [RTW] Can´t start a game.
posted 25 October 2015 11:37 EDT (US)   
I have the Gold Edition of Rome Total War.
Last night I was going to play a game after being idle for 3-4 months.
When I click on start RTW, a square comes up telling me to login in as administrator. I have had the Gold Edition for 9 years and never had any trouble before.
I decided to uninstall and reinstall but the sme message comes up.
I am the administrator on the pc. Hope you can please help?!
posted 26 October 2015 07:44 EDT (US)     1 / 4  
I don't think that is a game-issue. It sounds more like a Windows thing.

Have you updated your operating system since RTW was installed? Like upgrading from XP to Vista, or Vista to Win 7 or above? That might be causing the issue.

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posted 26 October 2015 11:32 EDT (US)     2 / 4  
Hello Imperator,
The only thing I have done is to change my pic to the south african termit tiger. On my log in I had a pic of myself 2 weeks ago. Canīt see how that would change anything.
As I said earlier, have never had any problem with the Gold edition before. It is very strange. I havenīt upgraded to W10 because I am satisfied with W8.1
Well, thanks for answering my call for help.
Take care,
posted 26 October 2015 22:56 EDT (US)     3 / 4  
Have you tried to right click your shortcut for RTW and selected "Run as Administrator"? That's really the only thing I can think of that might help.

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posted 27 October 2015 11:57 EDT (US)     4 / 4  
Hello General Sajaru,
Thanks for the info. I have changed it to what you suggested.
Now MSS32.DLL is missing on the pc .
I think I saw something about that at the forum the other day.
Maybe you can help me out. RTW is by far the best game I have ever played!!
from outer Thule
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