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Topic Subject: Screwed Esc key affecting gameplay
posted 03 April 2017 06:01 EDT (US)   
Hi guys.

So for about 3 months now, the Esc key in my laptop is screwed and could no longer function. Now, returning to R:TW and playing it again, it seemed to have negatively affected the whole gameplay in the campaign.

I could no longer save, and well.. Could no longer do anything that required pressing the Esc key.

Though, it's kinda fun and interesting to see how long I could last without the save key, it's still bothersome nonetheless. :-S

Is it possible to do something about it, like for instance.. switching the Esc key with another key to open the options window in the campaign? Or is taking to some computer specialist to fix my keyboard the only way to go around this?
posted 03 April 2017 10:52 EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Never mind, guys. I actually found a solution (quite surprised tbh, since I'm a numbskull with technical stuff like this ).

If anyone has a similar problem to mine, then look no further. I came up with this after reading the solution in this thread.

- Go to RTW and go to "data" directory.
- Go to "text"
- Then open "descr_shortcuts.txt" with notepad.
- Look for the first time the file says "misc" as the heading
- Now, below that, there should be a line that says "quit", and there you'll spot the "Esc" word at the right. Leave that alone, but remove the word "hidden" next to it.

- Lauch RTW as usual and go to controls and reset to default.
- On the part that says "quit", just click or double click (I think) on the "Esc" and you can change it to any other letter.

Annnd that's it.
posted 04 April 2017 12:48 EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Nice find.

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to our forums.

It is nice to have someone else share the echoes of faded footsteps...

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