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Amazon: Total War

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Topic Subject: Amazons: Total War 7.0C release is out
posted 05 March 2013 14:27 EDT (US)   
Hi, this is to announce...

As of March 3rd, 2013, Amazons:Total War 7.0C has been released

Amazons Total War 7.0 allows the player to explore many modern military concepts on the battlefields of antiquity.

Such as

Mobility and Stand-off Weapon capability using various women cavalry units.
Deploying Area Denial "minefield" on the battlefield using field engineers.
Wagon fighting units with battle tactics not unlike German Panzer in WWII.
Guerrilla Warfare, allowing agent to infiltrate enemy territory to raise army deep behind the enemy line.
Long Range Mobile Artillery, allowing artillery barrage, fire-support, and counter-battery.
Linked Armor-Clad Cavalry, a dominating cavalry formation for centuries in Eurasia, never before depicted by any video game.
Terrifying Super-heating Incendiary Weapons, in modern day military parlance AKA the thermite munition.

Other Highlights of 7.0 Series

New extended campaign map, now from British Isle to Afganistan.
New Far Eastern Celt faction:
based on latest archaeological finding and anthropological theories. first time in any video game.
Newly re-balanced Amazon Advanced Units.
New longbow 4 horses drawn chariots units.
Lush scenery and breathtaking landscape using faster custom RS II battle environment.
Quest based game play:
a player's faction can not attain higher cultural level without certain quest objective being met.
Balanced Unit Modeling (or. B.U.M.):
unit's recruitment location/cost, and unit's appearance/capability must have direct relationship.
Four turns per year play.
Extended Naval Fleet Movement.


Once again, this mod contains some female nudity in the depiction of conflicts in antiquity, so if there is any reason the law of your locality prohibits you from viewing such content (for example, if you are under the age of 18 in most areas), please do not access the download.

By either downloading or installing this mod's compressed file, the user who performed the download/installation acknowledges that he (or she) is legal to view such content and he or she is solely responsible for the use as well as the consequences of the use of this mod.

Keeping the aforementioned prerequisite in mind, Please do not pass along or forward link to the download file without this warning be shown.
And while playing multi-player online, please be mindful of the opponent's age or sensitivity, as each player is solely responsible for the unit he or she selected to play.

Amazons: Total War 7.0, aka Amazons: Total War, Amazons: Total War Recalesced

Mod Leader: [Parthian Shot]

Download url:


In addition to great amount of work by the members of the mod team, this mod is an accumulation of work from many sources as mentioned in the credit section of the readme folder in the compressed mod file. The said credit and acknowledge statements are carefully compiled and extra efforts made so as to be as accurate as possible. If, for any reason, there is an unintentional omission of credit or accidental unpermitted inclusion of prior art, the mod team, as represented by its mod leader, would be more than happy and willing to make corrective actions in a timely fashion to address said grievance(s) of copyright issues. Therefore any complaints of this nature should be addressed first to the mod leader so as to allow the Amazons Total War mod team to make amend of such mistake prior to any means of escalation.

As an attached clause, any copyright claims or complaints to third parties, without substantiation, and without attempts to resolve the issues first with the said mod leader shall be deemed as frivolous harassment.

March 3rd, 2013: 7.0C Released

Massive optimization on animation speed, and space saving
New Amazon Peltast units animation
New Amazon Heavy Peltast units animation
New Amazon arbalest cavalry and Infantry animations and new weapons
New Amazon attires to match Amazons to the same level of other "barbarian" cultures
changing "skirt"s to be more of a waist-wrap
changing loin-cloth from front only to front and back, same as Thracian peltasts and woad warriors.
removed redundant animation for secondary weapons that is never used.
corrected 3D model and texture inconsistency for Amazon Hoplite units and Dismounted Pathfinder units.
re-animation of amazon longbow chariot archer.
re-animation of scythian head hunting maiden.
New battle wagon animation, now with overhead cover.
added 4th crew for armored elephant.
completely new Amazon Pathfinder humanoid 3D modeling, to eliminate sharp edged angle protrusion on limbs. This also increased the demand on 3D graphics process. The new animation also eliminated the rider sitting on the rear edge of the saddle problem. The new animation also componentizes the body parts and minimize a great deal of animation bugs.
Same change as above except for Amazon Heavy Peltast units. In addition, the gaping hole at the under side of the chest is now corrected.
Same change as above except for Amazon Chariot Archer units.
Same change as above except for Finnic Mounted Archer units.
corrected animation for Amazon Militia Horse Archer units, so the archer is no longer seating on the rear edge of the saddle, but in a more natural, near center location.
Same as above, corrected Amazon Militia Lancer seating position in the saddle.
Same as above, corrected Amazon Armored Archer's seating position in the saddle.
Same as above, corrected Amazon Longbow Archer's seating position in the saddle.
The gaps at the underside of chest of the Amazon Peltast body are corrected.
New Amazon Heavy Peltast equipment and appearance, as the result, per B.U.M. principles, the unit stats are updated to reflect the change in appearance.
sword units recruiting cost have been increased to reflect the new 7.0C requirement.

February 25th, 2013 - 7.0C beta, the 3rd release is out

New animations for 2handed ax units
New animations for halberd units
New animations for Amazon Dispatcher Corp, now using short halberd instead of sword
New animations for Amazon Brigandine Archers, now using short halberd instead of sword
New animations for Macedon Geothe Mercenaries
New animations for rebel Amazon archer units.
New EDU stat for new units to reflect the changes. More hit power for ax and halberd, less defensive because ax can not be used for blocking but sword can.
New Amazonia, Libya, and Thyssa general's units
New Amazonia strat map captain animation.
New Geothe strat map captain animation, to correct a weird problem with default texture file, uncovered by Katsoro.
New heavy standard bearer animation, with female soldiers instead of male.
New light standard bearer, now with druidress or Camilla priestess.
New Amazon priestess and colour guard animation
New Amazon Militia Hoplite animation, instead of spear and sword , now with lengthened pike (12ft).
New Amazon Round Shield foot units, now with shield slightly enlarged, and armed with short ranseur style pike, instead of spear and sword.
New Amazon Round Shield cavalry units, same as the Round Shield foot units.
Reduced poly counts on complex animation models by 22%, without any loss of resolutions or visual appearance.
Complete re-work on Amazon Pathfinder animation.
Minor change on Amazon Xiphos Cohorts animation.
After three years, finally added mano-ballista 3D models for advanced units.
New Armenian Halberdier weapon and animation.
Corrected missing "amazon_archers" animation files uncovered by naftykid.
New Animation for Amazon Grenadier Cavalry
New 3D models for double bow, mano-ballistas,
New horses animation with saddle compartments for projectile store and unused weapons.
New elephant animation. Now with umbrella cover and other added details

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Thank You! TG

You are terrific!
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