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Judea - Total war

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Topic Subject: Judea - Total war starting and looking for members!
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posted 05 June 2008 01:04 EDT (US)   


AS SUCH THE CREATORS TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY for the ultimate nature or effects of any materials. By knowing receipt of materials you consent to the above. HAPPY MODDING!

(hitties, hebrews, philistines, assyrians, kessites, babylonians, egyptians)

Alright, so i've been kicking this idea around in my head for some time, but I think i'm going to go for it now, if i can drum up support, and you all are the first to hear!

The game will use BI and start probably around 1250 BC and go (for whoever wants to) until probably around 950 BC, beginning with the bronze age collapse and ending with the time of Judges as well as the beginning of Assyrian domination.

The map will reach from the west of egypt to the iran, from the Dardanelles to central arabia.

factions (so far) :

Egypt, Ethiopia/Abyssinia

Assyrians, Babylonians

Hittites, Neo-Hitties

Amalekites, Edomites? Midianites? Moabites?


GOD/senate - because there wouldn't be Hebrews without commandments. For you non-abrahamics, consider this faction as representing the religious influence, if not true divinity. Non-playable.
Sea people - Non-playable


functions/features - what is different?

new map - which i gotta make

no navy, but wait! - this is important. God and the Sea People will have islands that cannot be reached by the player from which they will come. God will have a single city that is immensely wealthy that will trade with the hebrews - turning away from god as the hebrews will mean a huge loss of income (plagues and famine) as well as unrest. enter forced diplomacy script.

desert "towns" - non-towns that will have buildings that cannot be built, used for gathering troops in the desert. they can be built into towns later, but they will be more abstract towns than anything else, representing the "big fish" in the region rather than a true settlement.

wo do we have?

Me! I can do unit lists using existing models and brandy-new skins (see photos), and i can put a map together, and recruitment etc, but i can't do crazy stuff.

who do we need?

coders who know what they are doing! I can do everything myself if i set my mind to it, but by that point everyone will be playing Empires.

historians! i only have the bible and wikipedia and so many hours in a day to go through jstor etc.

anyone with experience putting a mod together! i'll be basically raping my home version of the game until i meet someone capable of doing non-destructive modding.

other artists! not that i can't do skins myself but more hands never hurt.

anyone interested?

all WIPs - also, legs and arms to be replaced with original skins, particularly on chariots which will sport bare arms with bracers.
hittite swordsmen - middle infantry unit. face is strange because i'm going for 100% original which takes some practice.
more of the hittite swordsmen.
hittite chariots - gotta fix that darn egyptian skin, also needs to face and hat in addition to arms and legs.
philistine skirmishers - need new shield in addition to arms and legs. also upper chest not drawn.

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posted 05 June 2008 05:41 EDT (US)     1 / 253  
Wow. I'm impressed! A few questions...

You have a 'GOD' faction. Will the Sanhedrin be represented? I would have thought that might be a more realistic way of doing it. Or, do both, have another island with the Sanhedrin on, who can give 'missions', for instance, take Jebus (Jerusalem), repel Midianite invaders, build [temple type] in [city name], etc. For those unaware, the Sanhedrin was the the Jewish High Council.

While writing that, I remembered that at that time the Sanhedrin was not an established organisation, though the idea began in the time of Moses (Numbers Ch11).

You say it will finish around 950 BC, the time of Judges? As far as I can tell, 950 BC is slap bang in the middle of Solomon's reign. You might be right, it depends, where did you get your dates from?

How will family members work? Particularly for the Hebrews/Israelites, who had no dynastic system until Saul in 1047 BC.
Edomites? Midianites? Moabites?
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Canaanites? Perizzites? Amorites? Jebusites?
(The last one depends if the Hebrews start with Jebus or not, though they could always be a rebel faction shadowing the Hebrews)

I think I can help you with some ideas/history in an unoffical sense, but not sure I can commit myself.

Good work, keep it up.
posted 05 June 2008 12:46 EDT (US)     2 / 253  
thanks for the words and suggestions!

as far as the sanhedrin is concerned, i don't think i'm allowed 2 senates, but i can look into it. whatever i do though i think that god/sanhedrin will have to be represented by the same faction.

does anyone know how many factions a game can have? i was thinking it was around 12 or 13 so i kept the list short. I would love to have some of those factions you mention but i think they may need to be "rebels" .

the game won't play out according to history though, because of its nature. jerusalem could be philistine by the time the hebrews reach it, and there's very little i can do about that (unless of course i make a jebusite faction and demand somehow that it remain friends with everyone but hebrews).

as far as the end date it was sorta "ending at the same time as the judges" who were powerful until the first part of that century. I'm not sure when solomon came to power but if you can conquer gaul in 200bc, we should be ok moving Kings a few decades :P.

forgot to mention - marian reforms replaced with proliferation of iron. prior to that only select elite units have iron weapons (so towns like jericho, with hugely important furnaces in history, become hugely important to the campaign as well).

also, new pictures of the two Works In Progress going at it, you can see the philistine face is much better painted because it was my second attempt.

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posted 05 June 2008 14:25 EDT (US)     3 / 253  

i'm also working on a Judea campaign mod.
the only difference is that mine is set in the time of Maccabees. (190-134 b.c.) Main enemy: Selucids, allies: egypt(ptolomy), Rome, and Greek cities

p.s. don't forget to give the phillistines more early greek-type units (bronze shields and body armor, maybe could be an elite philistine high tier unit)

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Ah, but for a return to Christendom, darn Reformation.

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posted 05 June 2008 14:51 EDT (US)     4 / 253  
Looking good.

The game has a hardcoded limit of 21 factions, including the rebels.

I like your idea about changing the marian reforms. It would add a nice historical flavour to the game. Those factions logos are also very nice, btw.

posted 05 June 2008 16:25 EDT (US)     5 / 253  
yeah i realized after i wrote that the the original game has way more than 12 - i must have been thinking in terms of playable factions, or something -

Canaanite, Amorites, Jebusites, = yup

Perizzites seem to have too little information/historical importance for me to put an army together. Prove me wrong, though! I'm no historian.

Neo Assyrians will take over for the crumbling assyrian empire and have a better unit roster allowing them to conquer the area.

Hatti, Mittani, greek tribes (treated similarly to sea people), trojans.

that should make the full list then?
posted 05 June 2008 18:41 EDT (US)     6 / 253  
I can do some coding work, though I'm not great with units, I work mostly on buildings and other items.

Veni, Vidi, well... you know.

Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

Si hoc legere posses, Latinam linguam scis.
ɪf ju kæn ɹid ðɪs, ju noʊ liŋgwɪstɪks.
posted 05 June 2008 19:26 EDT (US)     7 / 253  
that's great, my knowledge covers units almost exclusively

Do you have AIM? You can reach my as UnicornRSunshine. Also by email at

philistine trial badge sucked, that's what i get for trying to appropriate images :

will try again at some point.

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posted 05 June 2008 20:34 EDT (US)     8 / 253  
I can do a bit of modeling, skinning, and unit cards. I only have MSN unfortunately.
posted 05 June 2008 22:02 EDT (US)     9 / 253  
well i think i'm going to begin in canaan and spread out. So far here's what i've got (along theoretical tech lines i began to discuss with caesar):

WIP's in bold, names to change in gray, ALL information subject to a moment's change :

Government building:
Youths (skirmishers), Tribal Militia, Town Militia, City Guard
Light Infantry building:
Javelins, Slings, fast light swordsmen, archers, armored archers.
Line Infantry building:
Hittite Spearmen (shield), Hittite Swordsmen (shield), Assault Swordsmen no shield
Academy building:
Veterans, Hittite Chariots, Hittite Archer Chariots.
General: armored spearmen replaced by proto-hoplites

Government building:
Youths (skirmishers), Levy Spearmen, Town Guard, City Guard
Light Infantry building:
Javelins (shield), Armored Javelins, archers, armored archers.
Line Infantry building:
Philistine Spearmen (tall shield), Philistine Swordsmen (round shield), Raiders (javelin, sword, shield)
Academy building:
Veterans, Philistine Javelin Chariots, Philistine Archer Chariots.
General: Chariot General, Armored Chariot General

Government building:
Youths (skirmishers), Shepherds (slingers), Town Guard, City Guard
Light Infantry building:
Javelins (shield), Spearmen (shield, pussies), Slingers, Sickle Swordsmen (shield), Short Swordsmen (shield).
Line Infantry building:
spearmen (tall shield)
Academy building:
Veterans, Good Slingers
General: Sickle-Sword veteran guards, Short-Sword veteran guards...

you can change and work with those sketches if you like, or jump into a totally different faction. glad to have you aboard!
posted 06 June 2008 10:54 EDT (US)     10 / 253  
The Hebrews should have chariots. I have proof...
1 Kings 1:5
Now Adonijah... said, "I will be king." So he got chariots and horses ready, with fifty men to run ahead of him
1 Kings 22:25
All day long the battle raged and the king [Ahab] was propped up in his chariot facing the Arameans.
2 Kings 9:21
"Hitch up my chariot," Joram ordered. And when it was hitched up, Joram king of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah rode out, each in his own chariot, to meet Jehu.
Psalms 68:17
The chariots of God are tens of thousands and thousands of thousands; the Lord has come from Sinai into his sanctuary.
Admittedly they were not as many or as powerful as those of the Assyrians or Hittites, but they had them. Maybe they could be only available after the Iron event, or as a kings/generals bodyguard. They should, I think, be light chariots with either spears or javelins.

Also, a temple guard unit for the Hebrews? As an upgrade from standard spearmen. I have a feeling there's a name for them but can't remember.

And a Goliath unit for the Philistines, 1 soldier only, double scale, recruitable once, only from Gath. Just kidding.

Perizzites, not sure, I just remembered they were a nation mentioned in the Bible around the time the Israelites arrived in Canaan. They didn't do anything in particular like the Philistines or Midianites.
philistine trial badge sucked
I don't know about that, it looks alright. A bit assymetrical, I suppose, which might not be so good, but otherwise fine.
posted 06 June 2008 15:28 EDT (US)     11 / 253  
so i ****ed myself over with an improper knowledge of the regions, turns out there's a lot more ground covered north-south that i knew >.<.

this map shows the region (roughly) that i hoped to encompass.

as you can see, it's a square. . I gotta refigure a bit then, as it's too much to just "squish" :P.

I mean, i have options, i could limit the size severely by skipping exodus (and therefor arabia) and getting straight into things, or i can turn the map on its ass:
but that might get disorienting, no?

About the chariots, you're citing everything from Kings, when the Hebrews have well solidified their holdings and pretty much at the end of this campaign. Are there references prior to that? I do not remember chariots referenced and most of the accounts seem to say foot soldiers (even Samuel 15 references only footmen brought against the amalekites, and he is the transition from judges to kings). I would stress that Kings is a transition in many ways spiritual and military and that this won't be including those chapters of history. (In fact, it can't be, unless there's a way to have 2 reforms, else the Hebrews will have chariots for hundreds of years).

temple guard is doable, i need to do some more research for the unique units.

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posted 06 June 2008 17:09 EDT (US)     12 / 253  
You can have a map that is longer north-south than east-west, there is a text file that says what the dimensions of the map are.

Veni, Vidi, well... you know.

Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

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posted 06 June 2008 17:30 EDT (US)     13 / 253  
It looks very impressive. Quite an ambitious undertaking. I especially like the faction logos, including the Philistine one.

posted 06 June 2008 17:57 EDT (US)     14 / 253  
posted 06 June 2008 18:21 EDT (US)     15 / 253  
how DO you make new faction badges?

I'd like that Isreal one for my Maccabees mod(awesome work btw ). Could you plz email me the files?

"He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword..." Matt 26,52b
"Viva Christo Rey!" Miguel Pro, and numerous other Catholics who were martyred for their faith in Spain and Mexico in the early 20th century.
Winner of the 2008 TWH Seraph elections.
Unchallenged master of EAW Heaven
Ah, but for a return to Christendom, darn Reformation.

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posted 06 June 2008 18:26 EDT (US)     16 / 253  
If you look in the Tools and Tutorials For Modding RTW topic, you will find a link to a topic listing all the files you need to edit.

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posted 06 June 2008 20:42 EDT (US)     17 / 253  
PrivateClerk - Yeah, that would be fantastic!

impspy - sure, but i haven't actually made the files yet so you can just copy-paste into where the tutorials tell you or wait a while until i get my act together :P
posted 06 June 2008 21:34 EDT (US)     18 / 253  
posted 07 June 2008 00:01 EDT (US)     19 / 253  
few replies i didn't see, sorry guys!

caesar - thanks for the map tip .

subrosa - thanks for the news - and nicely written, you make it sound pro .
posted 07 June 2008 02:07 EDT (US)     20 / 253  
I can probably help with buildings (not much graphical work tough)and the map. However, I don't think I'll be able to do much for the next two to three weeks, because I'm quite busy with different school assignments and stuff. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

posted 07 June 2008 02:49 EDT (US)     21 / 253  
that might be tricky, as i'll be spending some time abroad (specifically, the month of June). Hopefully we'll get a chance to chat before then, but if not, well, this project suggests a longer timeframe than "weeks" anyway
posted 07 June 2008 03:57 EDT (US)     22 / 253  
This looks very, very interesting. Though I am useless in helping mod, I will be watching this closely and can't wait to try it out when you get a beta up and bug test (which reminds me, I need play more ATW).

Good Luck!
posted 07 June 2008 12:34 EDT (US)     23 / 253  
Ah yes, you're absolutely right, I hadn't really thought of that. I've checked now but all earlier references to chariots are talking about Egyptians and so on. Fair point, they don't need chariots.

I've found a better name than Temple Guard, they are referred to in some versions as 'Gatekeepers', which sounds like a good enough name to me. I can't find a pronunciated Hebrew version and in Latin they are just Ianitorum. Gatekeepers sounds good. Janitors, not so much...

I thought of something else, what about Sicarii as a Hebrew unit? I know they may not be historically suited to this era, but they are probably the most famous aspect of the Hebrew military.
posted 07 June 2008 15:05 EDT (US)     24 / 253  
I can edit files like descr_strat and export_descr_unit, plus I have experience in traits, so if you need any help in that I'll be glad to help you

contact me @
posted 07 June 2008 15:57 EDT (US)     25 / 253  
How about Custodians? Or is that not the same?

as far as sicarii i think we could figure out a way to give them really good spies/assassins?
posted 07 June 2008 15:59 EDT (US)     26 / 253  
You could have faction specific traits which give them an automatic starting boost, they couldn't be absolutely better than other factions spies and assassins, but they would start off better.

Veni, Vidi, well... you know.

Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

Si hoc legere posses, Latinam linguam scis.
ɪf ju kæn ɹid ðɪs, ju noʊ liŋgwɪstɪks.
posted 08 June 2008 01:27 EDT (US)     27 / 253  
I would love to help you with history, if i can. Email me at

Pugna Concusio ~ Fight the Oppression
Army Commander
posted 08 June 2008 19:40 EDT (US)     28 / 253  
Perhaps you could extend that suggested map west and include mycenaean greece, or am i getting my time scale mixed up?
posted 08 June 2008 19:55 EDT (US)     29 / 253  
You have the time scale correct. The fall of Mycenaenian Greece will happen in the early part of the mod. In fact I have seen some theories that the Sea Peoples were Ionian Greeks fleeing the disaster.
posted 08 June 2008 20:13 EDT (US)     30 / 253  
also, Wasn't there another prominent kingdom in west asia minor around this time? Lycia? (Might be getting names or timeframes mixed up again :P)
posted 08 June 2008 21:01 EDT (US)     31 / 253  
I know the Mitanni were also there in northern Syria, but I think they had been annihilated by the Hittites and Assyrians at the beginning of the time frame.
posted 08 June 2008 21:53 EDT (US)     32 / 253  
yeah, that was bad research on my part. i just googled for tribes in that area....

mitanni = conquered, d'oh >.<.

hatti = hittites. double d'oh.

hatti replaced with Lycia, a "hittite-esque" faction.
mitanni replaced with Phoenicians.

leo - good to have you aboard.

also, just checked - still can't find a hebrew word for temple guard, but the new testament refers to custodians as well as janitors, making Custodians a legitimate translation.

how they were armed...that's another matter.

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posted 08 June 2008 23:43 EDT (US)     33 / 253  
If you are including the red and persian seas, boats would be quite important. Could you cut off the lower half of Arabia? That would solve your map and boat problem.

I can relearn to do traits/unit code if you need someone for that.

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posted 09 June 2008 06:43 EDT (US)     34 / 253  
Woot phonecians!
posted 09 June 2008 10:57 EDT (US)     35 / 253  
we'll need to make the decision to skip most of the exodus if we cut out southern arabia. I'm fine to start at jericho, but there's other people involved now and their opinions matter for that kind of change :P.

there will be boats, just not for playable factions. the Phoenicians, Babylonians, Greek Tribes (which is achaean or mycenaean, depending pretty much on your spin), and sea people will all have boats. "god" may also have boats, if it proves that his port cannot be protected by code alone. Of course, a blockade of the port (resulting in staggering loss of income for the Hebrew cities) could represent any number of stern acts god put against them, as well as famine etc.

Phoenicians might be playable but we'd need a way to make the player not blockade "god." Perhaps naming his city "do not blockade!! - JTW dev" :P

I'll release a revised map when i get input.
posted 09 June 2008 11:11 EDT (US)     36 / 253  
posted 09 June 2008 13:16 EDT (US)     37 / 253  
Custodians, that's a good name, I hadn't seen that one. A suitably classy word, and one with more depth than the others - adds more of a sense of mystery.

I would equip them with shields and spears, conical helmets and square breastplates (Emulating those of the priests but without the jewels, and made of metal).

It has occurred to me that they probably wouldn't have been too much of an elite, certainly not in New Testament times (Can you imagine the Romans allowing an elite military force in the heart of a notorously rebellious province?). However, I think we can allow a little exaggeration. TW isn't exactly famed for historical accuracy!
we'd need a way to make the player not blockade "god."
For that matter, how will you stop the AI doing this?
In order to discourage them, you could make some kind of super 'angel' unit, which "God's Island" is full of. Visually they can just be peasants or something of the like, but they should be powerful units strong in auto-resolve. And powerful navies as well. To stop the angels taking over the map, just take away the 'sea_faring' attribute.

As far as I am concerned, you, as creator of this mod, are free to make what decisions you wish. Include or exclude the Exodus as you decide.
If the Exodus is included, I assume that means the Hebrews start as a horde faction. Therefore when playing a non-Hebrew faction, you cannot rely on them to take the historic route, which might result in balancing issues. If the Hebrews fail to turn up in the Promised Land, it could lead to one faction becoming far too powerful in that region.
While the Exodus would be a good feature, it might be better to start them at Jericho.

Furthermore, if they are a horde faction, this means they will turn horde again if beaten. This might in fact not be unhistorical, as the Hebrews were indeed uprooted and returned to Jerusalem from time to time, as in the Babylonian exile.

And finally, the Sicarii could be included as improved spies/assassins, perhaps by giving them better starting agents, or maybe having a Sicarii headquarters building which gives agents a bonus when trained in that city, maybe Masada? Alternatively, they could be an Arcani-type unit, battlefield assassins skilled at hiding and taking out generals.

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posted 09 June 2008 14:25 EDT (US)     38 / 253  
Good suggestions all, andalus

mountains can make god unassailable, it's keeping his port open that's tricky. i think though that the AI seldom blockades for more than a few turns. if not though he just gets a badass boat :P. (or better yet, a "storm" - if i can figure out units on the stratmap).

WIP map -

we may still go to india, but ethiopia is reduced to rebel kingdom i think, as abyssinia iteslf is too far south. that will free up a faction slot...this is WIP, too - we may well go farther east - turns out though there are a LOT of tiny kingdoms in that region. and this is supposedly about judea.
posted 09 June 2008 14:40 EDT (US)     39 / 253  
Looks very good, and these new units sound really interesting, can't wait to see how God is going to turn out . Let me know if you need any thing done.
posted 09 June 2008 14:59 EDT (US)     40 / 253  
You could give "God" a massive starting fleet, but no port so it's impossible to blockade him
posted 09 June 2008 15:11 EDT (US)     41 / 253  
that's the opposite of what we want. we want him to have a grossly wealthy port(s) but no ships. the point is that he provides for the hebrews in Canaan (through trade, but representing all sorts of things) without being a military force.
posted 09 June 2008 17:17 EDT (US)     42 / 253  
Ah, please forgive me, i misinterpretted the debate
posted 09 June 2008 18:31 EDT (US)     43 / 253  
is it possible to have a permanent storm over GOD's port?
I believe its possible to have a volcano erupt every turn, so I doubt a storm could be much harder.

Or, you could put the port in a bay, and make the opening just wide enough for the trade fleets to leave? I'm not sure if that is possible...

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posted 09 June 2008 19:17 EDT (US)     44 / 253  
I have to agree with SubRosa. Those faction logos are achingly beautiful. Welcome to TWH Song of Ice & Fire fan. If you want to host any files like skins, etc, do feel free to stick them up here.

-Love Gaius
TWH Seraph, TWH Grand Zinquisitor & Crazy Gaius the Banstick Kid

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posted 10 June 2008 07:28 EDT (US)     45 / 253  
thank you Gaius, I'm sure that will come in handy as we progress .

if anyone is wondering why no updates, it's because i installed RTR without realizing it had lighting and weather changes. because i think these look gross, i'll be waiting to post screenshots and wips.

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posted 11 June 2008 23:39 EDT (US)     46 / 253  
Here are some maps of the Holy land i have found for ya

Possible rout of exodus

World of the Old testament

With some nice descriptions and insigts on the bottem.

Also a quick qustion about the timeframe. i was thinking you might want to expand the time a bit becuase the time from the exodus to the judges only lasted, posibly 70-100 years (40 of wich were spent in the wilderness due to unrigheousness.) after Joshu died the isrealites fell in to wickedness, and were put into bondage, with judges coming up every once in a while to save them and bring them back to righteousness. It started with Deborah and Barak, and ended with Samson.

all of this is courtesy of

Pugna Concusio ~ Fight the Oppression
Army Commander
posted 11 June 2008 23:51 EDT (US)     47 / 253  
Wow, thanks! i'll definately be looking into all this

are you sure about those dates though? all the sources i've seen say that it's from about 1200bc to the early 900's. or by "to the judges" do you mean to the beginning of the judges? because we're going all the way through Saul .

That said, i thought there was more of arabia in the exodus path, this map can easily fit them if we make "make it work". Some unassailable towns should force the Israelites to go around, no? if not.....bah...we'll think of something.

I would love to see the time of the exodus in the campaign, because it includes the collapse of the hittite and assyrian empires and the conquest of babylon by eastern peoples. we could make the hebrews an emergent faction ("Hebrews come out of the wilderness finally! oh gnoes jericho!") but i don't know how to make emergent factions playable ?

btw those maps are amazingly useful! they even list wilderness zones and suggest mountain passes

(I just keep getting more excited by this, and more impressed with the community here that does work for fun )

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posted 12 June 2008 01:22 EDT (US)     48 / 253  
To make an emergent faction playable i think you'd have to make another campaign with the date the faction appears as the start date and have the other factions in the state that history says they are in at that time. I doubt you can do it otherwise, but maybe I'm wrong, haven't really experimented with this.
posted 12 June 2008 02:34 EDT (US)     49 / 253  
Actually you can make emergent factions playable using this, but there are a few disadvantages, mainly that it takes a while before you can start the actual playing and there's no option to continue battles after you have won.

posted 12 June 2008 11:23 EDT (US)     50 / 253  
I had an idea concerning God's port.
I know there are three different sorts of sea tiles in map_ground_types, shallow, deep, and ocean, and I believe ocean is impassable, try sailing near the top left corner of the vanilla map to test it.

I don't know the effect ocean has on trade though, I'll do some testing soon to see.

EDIT: I tested it, and found a way for it to work. I'll post details later.

Veni, Vidi, well... you know.

Extended Cultures, A modification of RTW.

Si hoc legere posses, Latinam linguam scis.
ɪf ju kæn ɹid ðɪs, ju noʊ liŋgwɪstɪks.

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