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Topic Subject:Mongolphobia Swap Game--Venice, Milan.
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posted 21 October 2008 21:48 EDT (US)         
Well, after a few bumps, finally we got this show on the road, Eoj and I. Lets see who will triumph in the end(I for one, have no doubt about the ultimate victor).

Turn one of Venice and Milan was nothing spectacular. The Milanses hurried to catch the Venetian diplomat for alliance with military access and both rushed south to lick the Pope's bum. Milan was clear in its early moves, for the rich provence of Florence was nearby, but Venice's move was not so clear. To get Zagreb will establish a nice frontier to the north yet it means getting uncomfortably close to those half-barbarian Magyars of EoJ. Expanding southwards against the Byzantines means lots of fighting, and my economy currently can't support a large scale war. Hmmm, could there be a rich picking not too far away?

Michael Jackson

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posted 14 January 2009 20:40 EDT (US)     51 / 62       
EoJ was uncomfortable with the auto-resolve, and I was ok with either one. So we decided fignting your own battles is ok. Makes better screenshots yes?

Auto resolve only rule will only make my advantages even bigger over EoJ, since my Italian Spear Militias have auto resolve bonus against his horse archers. Hungary would be screwed over twice.

Michael Jackson
posted 25 January 2009 00:07 EDT (US)     52 / 62       
Phew, now that EoJ had fended of the cruel Trojans, I finally can do my turn.

Turn 19. Most Serene Republic of Venice.

Allies—Grand Duchy of Milan
Enemies—HRE, Byzantines, Hungary

After my effortless sinking of his elite forces (killing his heir Istvan), and swift taking of his puny fort he dared to build next tot Thessalonica (killing his second heir Kalman), one would think EoJ have learned to be more cautious.

Apparently that is not the case. This time the Hungarians were spotted to the north-east of Vienna with their King Lazslo! Perhaps EoJ thought Vienna was lightly defended. He couldn’t be more wrong. The town was garrisoned with two family members; one is our proud Councilor Bartolomeo. Aside from those forces, two Mailed Knights were making haste from Nuremburg.

Before the battle started, a spy of mine had spotted a Hungarian assassin perilously close to Vienna. The filthy barbarians have resorted to assassination! My anger mounted to the heavens. Lazslo will pay this offense with his life.

But first, the honorless assassin will die. After a few shuffling of my troops, the wench was caught and summarily executed.

Bart absorbed the two Mailed Knights and also bought a couple of Mercenaries to bolster his army. Now he has numerical as well as quality advantage over Lazslo’s force.

A customary reviling of the enemy begins.

The Hungarians are picking for a fight huh? Well, it’s a fight they’ll get!

Our brave Venetians had occupied the higher ground when the battle started.

The Hungarians finally climbed up the hill and were greeted by my infantry charge. My generals circled the left flank looking for a good charge position. Lazslo broke free of my initial defense and engaged my reserve troops in the back. My hand was tied too much to shoot any good screenshots at this point. The battle outcome was very crucial.

The battle was ferocious as well as short lived. 59 of my men were lost in the melee, and in return, I sent 430 Hungarians screaming to the underworld below.

It seems the enemy had so few men left, that they disbanded, including Lazslo. Lazslo--A king who had known no fear, angered the wrong people, and lost his host, thus disappeared from the pages of history. Good riddance.

Here is the financial comparison of Venice and Hungary. As you can see, EoJ is finally running out of the huge amounts of cash he looted from Constantinople due to his recent setbacks while my income is slowly but steadily rising. The capture of Thessalonica and Zagreb was a big help.

Here are my next targets of conquest. First up, Frankfurt. This city is the last of HRE holdings, and as you can see, it is not heavily defended. The forces I left in Nuremburg can take it if I have the cash to get some mercenaries on the next turn. Rebel held Prague is also tempting due to its close proximity. The Poles are gunning for it as well.

Budapest is now exposed to my attacks after Lazslo and his forces were handed a total defeat. I am planning to take the city but I will give EoJ a way out of that pickle IF he agrees to one condition. He must gift me Constantinople.

There is the city I am planning a huge assault upon—Constantinople. It is heavily defended and EoJ’s not-so-significant-fleet also bars my way. All those obstacles can and will be overcome, for the Venetians always comes on top of the deal. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Turn 19. Grand Duchy of Milan

Allies—Most Serene Republic of Venice, Papal States, Spain, Portugal, Mongols
Enemies—HRE, France, Moors

The Duchy is finally fighting the AI factions in earnest. In the North, the French picked a fight with us and in the South, the Moors.

Before all that, an assassination of a minor priest took place. Why?

Because my assassin Bertran was on his way to kill a blasphemer and he needed a warm-up, that’s why. Pope demanded so.

Whoa, what’s a Hungarian diplomat doing all the way out here? A spy surely? Have ye got any gold? No? Well, too bad for ye.
No one heard from him again.

Here is where things get interesting. The cowardly French managed to pull up their breeches and made a half baked attempt at besieging Metz! Not if I have any say in that! Roulette (Raoulet is his actual name but since he likes to gamble…), sick em!

A Spear Militia and a couple of Peasant Archers?

Only fit for charge practice dummies.

Easy as pie.

You might be wondering why in the world the Papacy is not attacking the excommunicated Venice, my ally. Well here is the answer, figure it out. Hehehe.

As the Duchy went to war with France in the North, the situation in the South has worsened. The thrice cursed Moors now brought additional men next to Cagliari, clearly intending to take the island from us. Perhaps they haven’t heard of preemptive strike. Cristoforo the Crusader marched out of the castle and attacked the foul desert dogs.

Cristoforo heard the cowardly attack of the French on Metz and he made sure his speech included a nasty reference to those frogs.

This speech never gets old. I wish every general in my army have the same mindset.

216. Charge! The Moors might have better ranged units but lets see how they can fight in close quarters!

217. BAM!!! Tickets to heaven free of tax; first 200 men can get it free.

218. Caught by our superior pin-and-flank tactics, the Moorish ranks where quickly dissolved.

219. The enemy’s sole reinforcement of Spear Militia was shot to pieces by the Peasant Archers I had.

220. Vittoria! Such a triumph over the Saracens is always worth putting in the annals.

221. The craven toads pleaded with their lives and I agreed to let them go if they pay a ransom of 1041 florins.

222. The ransom was paid by the Moors and they clambered to their ships to slink away to their desert homes…

223. …or so they thought. I agreed to release the prisoners but I said nothing about what to do with the enemy ships. Sink those abominations!

224. Oh, you mean the prisoners we ransomed were on those ships? Well, that’s too bad. GAHAHAHAHA! (am I evil or not?)

225. Since the bloody French started a war between us, I am planning to teach the frogs a lesson in humility. The town of Rheims is a good addition to the Grand Duchy’s conquest list. Already my spies are in position to infiltrate to settlement.

226. Marseille also looks ripe for the plucking. Furthermore, I have a spy inside already. Once again, let the Italian spy network do its job.

227. At the last, here is the territorial ranking of the top five kingdoms. All four nations of EoJ and me were in there with the addition of France. (not for long I know, hehehe) What delights me to no end is the fact that my nations have more than twice the amount of territories than that of EoJ’s and doing darn well in defending them.

Casualties so far that of me and EoJ in the so called Balkan War.

Hungary: Notable generals' deaths.

1. Prince Istvan. 1110 AD.
2. Prince Kalman. 1114 AD.
3. King Lazslo the Honorable 1116 AD.

Hungary: Military losses (including naval units)

1313 men in total.

Venice: Notable generals' deaths.


Venice: Military losses (including naval units)

200 men in total.

So far my casualties are light compared with EoJ (but not scot-free), but I am worried about his counter attack. EoJ is a seasoned player and he must have some trick up his sleeves. We shall see.

Michael Jackson

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posted 25 January 2009 07:25 EDT (US)     53 / 62       
But first, the honorless assassin will die. After a few shuffling of my troops, the wench was caught and summarily executed.
EoJ is sending female assassins? Or perhaps you mean wretch...

It does seem like he is reeling from your successes, but you never know, he might have some clever trick in mind. You just haven't noticed those five full stacks hiding in the trees near Dijon...
posted 25 January 2009 15:47 EDT (US)     54 / 62       
eight. you missed three. they are so well hidden...

Yep, it's true, having no sig is boring. But so is this one. Which makes my point... relatively pointless.
Can a point be a point when it is pointless?
posted 25 January 2009 18:43 EDT (US)     55 / 62       
I hope I have not ruined EoJ's cunning plan.
posted 25 January 2009 21:25 EDT (US)     56 / 62       
Quite right of you to point it out Andalus, I meant "wretch".

This just in; EoJ accepted my terms of peace! These were his own words.
I'm going to have to accept the extortionate deal of 10K and Constantinople gift in return for protectorship. I will evacuate the city this turn, secure the funds needed, and head back to Sofia without troubling you. You will have your roman border, as Rome ruled over client kings in that area where we now live. Head east, Doge, and may next time we draw swords we be allies on, say, the walls of Jerusalem.
Since I am a generous person by nature, and since killing off EoJ this soon is no fun, here was my reply.
Grazie a Dio! To think you have finally come to your senses, and accepted my offer.

My dear EoJ, there is no talk of your surrendering! I merely uttered the whole "protectorate" deal to intimidate you. In truth, I do not wish to see the proud host of Ungheria brought so low, so fast. Hardly leaves me with any aftertaste.

My deal was this; You to gift me Constantinople and I will give you 10000 florins in return. I will withdraw from Budapest and we can continue our relationship as equals. It will be of your best interest to send an emissary to renew our alliance while my mood is still high. As you can see, my generosity is boundless as long as you sing to my tune.

Be Warned: When I meant the return of Constantinople, I meant completely, down to the last chicken. Although I do not think you are the kind of ruler who advocates scorched earth policy, you are probably thinking of destroying a few expensive buildings to replenish your coffer. (I would do the same) I have the screenshot of the complete lists of buildings from the last turn and I will be watching closely. It will be especially stupid if you give me just one small excuse to continue my one-sided war with you.

Tanti Saluti

As you can see my deal was very amiable as well as not leaving a single detail out. I love forceful diplomacy.

HOWEVER! I am still uncomfortable with how easy the whole affair had been. Perhaps EoJ is placating me just so he can checkmate me in some unseen manner. Although I handed EoJ a big defeat last time, I kept thinking EoJ might have used the "Luring Tiger Down the Mountain" strategy to lure me away from Vienna. I had prepared for every contingency though I'm not 100% sure about it. We shall see if his intentions are sincere soon enough. If not...

Michael Jackson

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M2TW Ladder Leader
posted 26 January 2009 00:17 EDT (US)     57 / 62       
You seem to be doing rather nicely there - that said isn't using troops to kill characters such as assassins or priests sort of an exploit?
posted 26 January 2009 00:45 EDT (US)     58 / 62       
As it was not in the rule, one can safely implement such a measure as long as it is not outright cheating. Same goes for forting up resources. If EoJ have qualms about it then I'm sure we can renew the rules. The game is just starting to get interesting anyway.

Michael Jackson

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posted 08 February 2009 21:13 EDT (US)     59 / 62       

Turn 20. Most Serene Republic of Venice.

Enemies—HRE, Byzantines, Hungary

It seems EoJ was humbled enough to keep his promise of evacuating Constantinople to my mercy. Before I take the city, I need to deal with one tiny annoyance, a stray Byzantine ship. The battle was over in seconds and I didn’t lose any men.

After the naval skirmish, my trusted general Cristiano Selvo entered the city of Constantinople with great fanfare. The population was elated to be free of the mismanagement of the Greeks and incompetence of the Hungarians. By some miracle, the sacred relic of Holy Lance was discovered within the city, clearly signaling that our cause was just.

The city was looted to make way for my come back to the folds of Papal blessing. The price wasn’t cheap. 15500 florins to be exact.

Successo! Now that Venice is reconciled, I can rest well without having to worry about the Pope. Have can I take advantage of such a blessing of fortune?

The Crusade of course! I didn’t call the crusade to Jerusalem without calculating events such as these. Antonio Selvo quickly mustered some forces and began the long trek to Jerusalem. However, I just spotted something annoying.

And here is the blasphemy. Without me knowing, EoJ had constructed a fort south of Sofia INSIDE my territory. The gall! I will definitely warn EoJ to relinquish the fort to my soldiers and back off, along with his pathetic navy still in the Dardanelles. He knows what will happen if he does not comply.

Turn 20. Grand Duchy of Milan

Allies—Venice, Spain Portugal, Mongols
Enemies—HRE, France, Moors

An upcoming general Pietro de Mantua (call him Pete) besieged the lightly defended French town of Marseille. He had a ballista crew with him so the assault began immediately.

I auto-resolved the battle since the enemy was really of no challenge to waste my time. Miniscule casualties from my side and the first French town fell under the might of the Italians.

My plan was to make a two pronged attacks on the French with the intention of grabbing as many territories in one turn before the Pope scolds me. The second attack was aimed at the French town of Rheims, but a strong force of Frenchmen barred my soldiers’ marching from Metz. Roulette (a brave French officer who was charmed by my princess) was an expert gambler and he knew the risk of engaging such a heavy force was worth taking. He attacked.

Before the actual fight, some nice jeering at the Frenchmen always helps the troops’ morale.

Deployment phase. Roulette was eager to use his Ballista’s longer range to harass the French ranks before the frogs could pepper us with their superior ranged power.

The French weren’t fooled for long and soon they began showering the gallant Milanese ranks with arrows. The Dismounted French Archers were really making life miserable.
Roulette then took another gamble. Along with the Mounted Sergeants under his command, he repeatedly charged against the French archers under the eyes of superior French cavalry, in hopes of routing them.

However, the French archers proved to be more stubborn than they looked and struck back with their short knives. My mounted Sergeants fled under pressure and Roulette’s bodyguards suffered many casualties.

It was then Roulette decided to hell with it and signaled for an all-out-attack. The Italian Spearmen and the mercenaries were finally released from their leashes and gleefully burst upon the stunned French. Some frogs routed immediately.

After another few moments of battle and mopping up, the French were utterly defeated with five times my losses. Realizing the importance of taking Rheims, Roulette ordered the prisoners to be executed, nevermind that he was French, like them. Nothing personal, oui?

Rheims is now within striking distance. However, if Roulette was to reach to town in this turn he had to ditch the Ballista. How can he take the town without it? Naturally, my spies were already in position to open the gates.

Magnifico! The spies had done their work. Now only butchery remains.

However, a closer look told me the fight wasn’t going to be that easy. The exalted King of France, Philip the Chivalrous is defending Rheims along with sizable militia. Will Roulette dare to attack the settlement he used to guard with his life, and strike at his former sovereign?

To the speech! Roulette was eloquent as well as blunt, which clearly showed his educated French origins.

Another jeering at the Frenchmen. All except Roulette are clearly hedonistic knaves.

With the gates open, the Italians rushed inside, intercepted and annihilated one militia unit before they could join the rest in the plaza.

The rest of the frogs were butchered in the town center with the king frog falling last. Regardless of his origins, Roulette proved himself a true Milanese general—cunning, ruthless, and a lover of money.

Without any delays I began planning for further drives into France. Their Capital of Paris is nearby and with luck Roulette (Now reinforced by Duke Bernardo) can take it before the Pope calls for a cease-fire. Paris is moderately defended though and it will mean a slaughter on both sides. Once again, let loose the elite spies of Milan!

WHEW! It's turn twenty already! To comemorate this benchmark, allow me to share with you my strategy rants.

With Constantinople in my hands without firing a single arrow, the first of Venice’s (my primary faction) grand strategy is finished successfully. How far did I plan for this?
Actually I planned for it the moment EoJ took Zagreb on turn 2, a long time ago. I let EoJ take hold of Zagreb so later I can have an excuse to break alliance with him and attack him because I knew he will take Constantinople—my primary early game prize, before me.

How did I know that? Well, I planned it so. I “accidentally” let slip the words that I was gunning for Constantinople around turn 3 and that was all it took for EoJ to strike at it. While he destroyed one big chunk of Byzantine army and grabbed the attention of another one, I smoothly took over Corinth and Thessalonica with minimum of effort. It was my plan from the first to let EoJ to exhaust the Byzantines for I really did not want to fight a horse archer army.

When he took Constantinople, EoJ was rich, powerful, and probably was elated to no end. Therefore he turned deaf ears to my threats about Zagreb. He had stronger forces and better economy so why submit to my demands, right? Especially when I threatened to attack Zagreb around the turn 11, but instead I backed down. This gave him the impression of me being more boasts than will, which suited me just fine. I was silently biding my time, appearing not as serious threat, and waiting for the perfect opportunity.

The opportunity came when EoJ tried to take Nicaea and loaded his best soldiers on a single ship which was stuck in the middle of Dardanelles channel. With my ace in my sleeves—the superior Italian navy, I wiped out the best army of EoJ along with his faction heir in turn 16. I was prepared for something like this to happen so I cancelled my alliance with EoJ in the previous turn. Therefore I appeared as one neutral nation attacking another, not as a back stabbing ally. My name was thus mostly untainted.

With him reeling from this big set-back and struggling to defend Constantinople, I simply threatened Budapest, one place he thought was secure, before the death of his king and his host. All these efforts made it possible for me to take the biggest gamble, and bluffed him into gifting me Constantinople for a cease-fire and 10000 florins—chump change. He jumped at the bluff and I got what I wished for. Little did he realize that I had no intention of taking Budapest because the HRE is attacking my northern domains with two full stacks and I need to go back and defend them.

With the gain of Zagreb and Constantinople, my position is now unshakable in the Balkans. I will now continue my alliance with EoJ’s Hungary, instead of crushing that nation, because I am eager to see how will he overcome the early odds and thrive. EoJ is definitely a quick learner and I want to know how far he can go. This hot-seat is only beginning in earnest after all.

PS: I didn't tell you guys before but I had over 3 months of Teutonic hot-seat campaign right after I received the Kingdoms expansion last summer. I played against myself, controlling all 7 nations, including the Mongols. It was pure hell on earth because every move I make, my opponent knew of it, kinda like one man chess. The experience was valuable indeed

Actually, even before that, I had 5 years worth of hot-seat strategy game experience, thanks to an awesome Ghengis Khan game only for Japanese PS. I guess you can say EoJ really lacks in experience department when compared with me, and that's why he was brought low.

Michael Jackson

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posted 12 February 2009 22:12 EDT (US)     60 / 62       

Turn 21. Most Serene Republic of Venice.

Enemies—HRE, Byzantines, Hungary

Antonio Selvo, the conqueror of Thessalonica was appointed by the Doge to participate in the Crusade called to Jerusalem. However, he had his own ambition in the making. The Byzantines are almost finished after their disastrous war with Venice and Hungary. Why prolong their existence? One simply cannot call himself a proud Venetian without drubbing the foolish Greeks. He attacked a small army in front of Nicaea and drew the garrison out. Antonio was reinforced by four units arrived from the North.

When the battle started, the Greeks had the high ground, never a good idea to rush forward. Antonio led his men up to the slope from a distance and gained equal height as his adversary.

Knowing his superior missile advantage over the Greeks, he immediately ordered his men to fire at will.

The archers from Trebizond tried to duel but they were heavily outgunned. They left their dead and slinked back to their ranks with tails between their legs.

With their missile units repelled, the Greeks sent their spearmen into the fray led by their general. Antonio was ready for that and quickly moved his archers behind his own spearmen.

The idiot Byzantine general charged into a wall of spears and promptly lost his life, which turned the fate of battle in an instant.

Only mopping up left. LEAVE NONE ALIVE!

A clear victory for the Republic. Long Live Venezia!

With that battle, Nicaea is now defenseless. Before he could secure the city, Antonio had to deal with another bunch of Greeks, these ones led by the Prince of the Byzantines, one named Alvanites.

Antonio’s, men were tired from the previous engagement, victorious though they are. It was up to the general to give a moving speech to rally the men’s spirits.

As the battle began, it was clear the enemy had significant numbers of horse archers. This could get ugly.

The Byzantines, eager to take revenge on their defeat, rushed forward and were greeted by hails of arrows.

When their formation wavered due to losses, I sent my spearmen and Alamanoi mercenaries into the fray.

Antonio meanwhile, flanked the enemy with his bodyguards and fell on their backs. I wonder how Greeks say the word, “OUCH!”

Another great victory over the Byzantines. Now they will pose no threat to my Balkan holdings and I can safely focus on the Crusade at hand. Antonio earned 3 command stars as well as 4 experience chevrons, all he will need when he fight over the Saracen lands to reach his destination.

For all the trouble I had to go through to get Nicaea, it is only fitting that I should sack the place. Extra cash is always welcome.

Constantinople—the city of my dreams was taken by the valiant general Cristiano Selvo in the last turn. To celebrate this historic event, and to honor those who do my bidding without fail, I renamed the city to Cristianopolis. I’m sure the name is fitting as the beautiful city will finally be governed by those who are believer of the one true Catholic Church.

Benasuto Selvo, son of Bartolomeo, headed north after I decided to pull back from EoJ’s Budapest to honor the peace agreement. He still had plenty of things to do, such as assaulting the Rebel hold of Prague. The Poles tried their luck twice to take the settlement, and twice they were repelled like insects. Now it was our turn and we Venetians are always do things right, the first time.

Use artillery to break down the walls…

Infantry charge towards the broken gate…

…And Vittoria! The casualties were light.

The fall of Prague marks the fifteenth settlement under our control. The nation is now too big to call it a Republic, so I renamed Venice into the Eastern Italian Empire. It is my wish to take over every place which belonged to the Eastern Roman Empire.

Just to give you an idea of how much did the loss of Cristianopolis (Constantinople) affect EoJ. Take a look at this graph. Almost half the Hungarian population gained and lost due to a single city!

Turn 21. Grand Duchy of Milan

Allies—Venice, Papal States, Spain, Portugal, Mongols
Enemies—HRE, France, Moors

A guy named Maria Della Corte had asked for the hand of my princess. Aside from his feminine name, as well as his undesirable age I found little faults so I consented. As with florins, the more, the merrier!

Oops, the Pope is now riding my ass for the attack on the French, never mind the fact that it was they who started it. Hmm, should I obey the Pope like a goody two shoe or should I take a gamble and absorb more French lands in return for a nasty excommunication?

I finally decided that caution is better than valor, this time. Rome isn’t built in a single day, I will bide my time until a better chance for an expansion comes. Right now, I will vent my frustration on a cute young French princess. “
Hey Constance, you dropped your shoe! Catch!”

The Venetians declared themselves as an Empire instead of a Republic. Milan will never be below Venice, I pass the edict that from this day on, the grand Duchy of Milan will be known as the Western Italian Empire. The Duke wishes to bring all lands which belonged to the former Western Roman Empire.

With my expansion west has been stopped by the Pope, I changed my plan and will attempt an assault on the last strong rebel holdings in Central Europe, Bern, instead. The Swiss will be serious pain to bring down and I will need a lot more men to take the castle.

Here is another Rebel stronghold which had not succumbed to any major powers yet, Valencia. It is guarded by none other than El Cid himself. Perhaps, acquiring this settlement will give me a toehold on Iberia for further gains in the future.

Just to prove that not everything goes according to plan, the Sicilians have sent a large amount of men, mostly cavalry, to Cagliari. Are they planning to war with the Western Italian Empire? Fools, only death will await them.

So far so great! Until next time.

Michael Jackson

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posted 14 February 2009 02:14 EDT (US)     61 / 62       
attacking byzantines with a crusade army? mister Poope, pope won't like that!

now that you are an empire, be sure to strike back!

Yep, it's true, having no sig is boring. But so is this one. Which makes my point... relatively pointless.
Can a point be a point when it is pointless?
posted 15 February 2009 22:32 EDT (US)     62 / 62       
Yeah, Pope is damn angry now. Who cares about him anyway. Venetians thrive in excommunication after all.

Michael Jackson
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