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Additional Unit Pack

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Topic Subject: Just Wanted to Say....
posted 04 December 2008 05:43 EDT (US)   
I don't often post but I've been a spectator literally every day for over a year. I just wanted to express my gratitude, for in my opinion, the best mod out there right now. I tried XGM, RTR, and several other mods and I was always dissatisfied because it feels to me like the fun factor gets pushed aside by "realism" and "historical accuracy." For instance, in XGM I played about 6 hours of an Egyptian campaign before realizing the only reason I started the campaing-- for pharoah's bowmen-- was exed out of the game. I get bored with all of those mods because they take out all of the fun, head hurling, units and replace them with boring ones. I love your mod because it keeps all of what makes this game awesome and you add even more awesome to it (sorry for my loss of eloquence, I just can't explain it any better than "awesome"). Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work you put into this mod and I wanted you to know the sheer joy it has been for me to play it. I honestly was never so completely addicted to this game until I installed you mod. Great job and good luck on version 1.2!

Your most sincere fan,
~Tim aka MrBonzai
posted 04 December 2008 10:53 EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Thanks, know that your support is much appreciated.

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