posted 21 June 2007 13:58 EDT (US)   
Zen has started a central forum for reporting bugs in the HG software, which can be found here. I'll let Zen explain it.
Welcome to the Forums Feedback forum. This is the forum for you to post questions, feature suggestions, bug reports, and offer feedback on the current version of the forums software.

Please keep everything on-topic; expect off-topic replies and threads to be hidden or deleted.

When posting a bug, please make sure you state the steps to reproduce the bug. Lastly, please include the following information along with the bug report:

* Operating System + Version, and whether all the updates have been applied;
* Browser + Version, and any addons that you have installed;
* Virus scanner
* Firewall
* Router
* Your ISP
* and if possible, the date and time the bug occurred.
Any bugs with the forums should go there, but layout changes to the TWH forums for example should stay here, as it is the TWH staff that change that.

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