posted 17 March 2019 10:06 EDT (US)   
Ave, Heroes of Rome and Foreign Lands!

The annual name-changing event is about to occur. Please visit this thread in Outside Discussions if you wish your screen name to change.

There are Rools and Anneckses you might want to review before requesting a change, though.

If you can't register at OD for some reason, drop me a reply on this thread and I'll see what I can do.

|||||||||||||||| A transplanted Viking, born a millennium too late. |||||||||||||||||
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|||||||||||||||| Listed on my page for your convenience and envy.|||||||||||||||||
Somewhere over the EXCO Rainbow
Master Skald, Order of the Silver Quill, Guild of the Skalds
Champion of the Sepia Joust- Joust I, II, IV, VI, VII, VIII