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Topic Subject: Adriatic Wars mod
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posted 08 June 2007 18:36 EDT (US)   
Looking for someone to help with the artwork (skinning and some miscellaneous) for the mod!

A follow up from Unified Rome, this is a much larger project. A fairly complete list of changes follows:

- The Julii have been renamed the Roman Republic. They start with the same four cities as in UR

- The Brutii have been converted to Epirus. They have a selection of Greek, Macedonian and Seleucid soldiers. They start with Apollonia, Tarentum and Croton

- The Scipii have been converted to Illyria. They have a selection of Briton, Gaulish and Dacian soldiers, as well as souped up Illyrian mercenaries. They start with Segestica and Salona.

-Epirus and Illyria have had their culture changed to Greek and Barbarian respectively.

- The start date has been moved back to 280 BC, to coincide with the Epirote invasion of Italy.

- Names have been changed appropriately for Epirus and Illyria, so that they have Greek and Barbarian name respectively.

Maps showing the starting conditions have not been changed. I really can't be bothered. I'm in the process of finding all the files I changed and putting them together for uploading. I'll have a link when that is finished.

Any questions?


Epirote army:

Epirus' Italian possessions, Pyrrhus and his army.

Illyrian army:

The only completely new unit of the mod: Illyrian cavalry:

The Illyrian kingdom:

The Roman Republic:



Adriatic Wars 2.1 full version for standard RTW;7947771;;/fileinfo.html

Adriatic Wars 2.1 for RTW Gold Edition.;7947775;;/fileinfo.html

-edited by SubRosa to put in download links and request for assistance.

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posted 14 August 2007 05:02 EDT (US)     76 / 92  
Unfortunately, I am stopping work on Adriatic Wars. There are some issues I've come across with a unified Rome that can't be addressed in a mod concentrating on the Adriatic. Instead I will be working on my own mod based more towards Carthage and Rome, and is unlikely to include Epirus.
posted 14 August 2007 14:17 EDT (US)     77 / 92  
Is your new mod going to have any converted factions in it? And what is it going to be called?
posted 15 August 2007 17:14 EDT (US)     78 / 92  
SR, good to see you around. For the moment, I'll have Illyria in the new mod. I'd like to have Epirus too, but I don't know of there historical situation at the dawn of the Punic Wars, or even if they still existed.

I'm going to be working on Rome, Carthage and one or two others first, then maybe think of more ideas.

As regards the name, no ideas at the moment. Suggestions are welcome.

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posted 16 August 2007 06:42 EDT (US)     79 / 92  
I can help with some historical accuracies if needs be. Which Punic war. There were three?
posted 16 August 2007 22:09 EDT (US)     80 / 92  
Andipandy, thanks. I know little about the wars themselves. I'm aware there were three, hence "dawn of the punic WARS". I mean at the start of the first one. The start date is likely to be 265 BC.
posted 27 March 2008 20:18 EDT (US)     81 / 92  
So Arkai, has there been any more progress on Adriatic Wars?

Maybe you could also put the links to version 2.1 on your first post as well? That would make it easier for people to download it.
posted 27 March 2008 22:40 EDT (US)     82 / 92  
The mod was progressing well for a few months. Its on hold at the moment because I've broken my right hand and I don't want to try modding in case I stuff something up. I'll get the cast off around mid-April, and a new release should be a couple of weeks away after that.

Since this is a different account, do you think you could edit a download link into the first post, Sub?

I'm also looking for someone to help with the artwork (skinning and some miscellaneous) for the mod
posted 28 March 2008 07:00 EDT (US)     83 / 92  
I'd love to help, but I'm afraid I'm not much good at skinning. I can have a try tough and see how it turns out. Never afraid to learn something new.

posted 28 March 2008 11:57 EDT (US)     84 / 92  
Since this is a different account, do you think you could edit a download link into the first post, Sub?
Gah, I forgot about that. I can put the links on the first page. When you get back to work on ADW create a new topic and link to this one to keep the continuity. That way you can keep the first page up to date.

I am sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it heals without any lasting difficulties.

I wish I could help, but I am busy with ATW and articles. Although if all you need is something like unit cards created I can do that with 3ds Max, as it is usually not too time-consuming. I have not quite worked out how to do it with mounted units yet though.

I will also news your request once I am home from work.

Edited to Add:

Arkai, is there a logo you would like me to use with your Adriatic Wars news items?

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posted 01 April 2008 19:06 EDT (US)     85 / 92  
Thanks for the news article and editing the original post. Also thanks for the offer of making unit cards. I'll take you up on that, Sub. Are you able to do both the unit_info and unit cards? Also, remember the trouble I was having with getting the menu icons changed. Do you think you could try and do mine for me? Thanks.

To anyone who wants to help. Most of the skin work has already been done, by NdChristie previously, and by myself. The work would be mainly touching up already completed skins.
posted 01 April 2008 20:22 EDT (US)     86 / 92  
I will give it a go. Do you have a url for the version you are working on right now? Or is it that 2.1?
posted 02 April 2008 17:31 EDT (US)     87 / 92  
I have been looking through 2.1, and it looks like you need all new unit cards for both Illyria and Eiprus. Is that correct? Some of the ones for Illyria are using Briton cards, so they might be ok as they are. Maybe if they were just darkened a bit.

I take it Illyria will be using the Scipii colors and Epirus the Brutii colors then? Since these are all original units using the original cards and just recolouring them is probably the best way to go, rather than making all new cards (besides, I have not quite mastered making cards for mounted units in 3ds Max).

Where should I start first? I can work on them for the rest of the week, but starting next week I am back to my job and I do not know if I will have any time between real life and doing site work. So really the next few days is all I can really guarantee that I can help.
posted 03 April 2008 00:21 EDT (US)     88 / 92  
Start with the Epirote unit cards, as they are the more confusing ones when playing. There are some new units in 3.0, so what I'll do later is upload the mod in its current state, then post the download link and then edit it out so you can check the edit history and download it.
posted 03 April 2008 00:35 EDT (US)     89 / 92  
You can just email the link to me. My address is in my profile.

Edited to Add:

It is Green and Red for the Epirotes correct?

I just did the greek_archer as an example:

[This message has been edited by SubRosa (edited 04-03-2008 @ 00:58 AM).]

posted 03 April 2008 13:54 EDT (US)     90 / 92  
I took another look at things and I am confused. I thought the unit skins were finished, but I see many are not. I was going to base the unit cards off the units (so they match) but since I am not sure about some of the units, I cannot do their cards. For example, the Epirote Peasant I see in a Custom Battle looks completely different from the UNIT_GREEK_PEASANT_BRUTII.tga I see in the textures folder.

I am also not sure what the faction colors should be. Green & Red or Green & White? I see units with both. I can just take the current cards and recolor them, but I need to know what to use.
posted 03 April 2008 19:26 EDT (US)     91 / 92  
What I meant when i said completed was in 3.0. Most of the wrongly coloured skins have been fixed and a few bugs with units such as Epirote peltasts have also been fixed. This is also what I need a unit artist for, to finish off the remaining fixing.

I'll upload a zip file with the current state of Adriatic Wars in it, also with details of what units still need fixing before unit cards are made. I'll email you the download link.
posted 03 April 2008 20:36 EDT (US)     92 / 92  
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