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Topic Subject:Questions about Plagues and Population Requirements
posted 05 April 2019 14:46 EDT (US)         
Hi, me again. I'd like to know where to mod the following things in BI:
1. The probability of plagues (there must be some file that dictates these) as I'd like for them to happen more.
2. The required population for settlement upgrades. I'd like a huge city to be much, much, much huge-er. Like 100.000 people, at the very least. Seeing as Rome had 800.000 inhabitants at the start of Late Antiquity, and ended up with about 30.000 at around 700CE, I'd like to mix things up a bit.
I guess I will figure out what this all does to squalor and stuff later =)
General Sajaru
Tribunus Laticlavius
posted 08 April 2019 22:03 EDT (US)     1 / 1       
1) I can't remember where it is, but try to see if you can find the file that controls the frequency of bandits, and you might find it in there too.

2) I think this might be hard-coded. As for squalor, you can always put different benefits on different buildings.

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