posted 14 September 2021 08:36 EDT (US)   
In this particular time period, getting wealthy is the major goal of everyone, except for lusty women like me. Some people bet their month's salaries on slot machines, others lose their houses at roulette, while girls like me lose our virtue in the sleazy hotel rooms, beneath the evening's heavy winners or affluent old men who need to hire some arm candy. I am not proud of what I do, but I must say, when you hook up with the right geezer, he can float your boat, pay your rent, and with a little help from viagra, stoke your fires just right. This life is not for everyone, many are too prudish or too straightlaced or simply to decent to spread their legs for rich old men and let them enter, but for those of us who do, it is a great life. Sex,d rugs, flash money, all in one go.

I met this one guy, Maxbook 555. Weird name, not a handsome fellow, but he seemed not repulsive and had a large wad of cash he was willing to spend on me. My husband was away on business, so I said to myself, Self, why not? By the end of the night, half of that large wad was spent on my drinks and a new dress, which I then modeled for my new best friend before repaying his kindness with kindness of my own.

Oh my god, I just realized Maxbook might be married! Sorry sister. To maek it up to you, I'll let my hubby seek you out and spend half his paycheck doing to you what I did to Max. Fair enough? You will be getting the better deal of it, I must admit. Max was far better with his words than he was with his wand.

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