TWH Partners

TWH has gone a long way alone, but over a decade after the first release of the series, we see the effects of aging games- no matter how great they are. We have adored our favorite games, blessed them with walkthroughs and tips, analyzed their structures and composed reams of pages concerning their parts.

No game can last forever. No fansite for a game will last forever. Change is the way of Nature and Time. Yet by joining forces, we can thrive and survive, and give our beloved games a longer playing life.

To this end, Total War Heaven has decided to band together with other sites, to join our forces to expose our forummers to new matches, to new people, and to keep the love of our games alive. Our partners will be vetted through a grueling process, and only those whose servers are clean, whose people are good of heart, and whose battle skills rival or surpass our own shall be anointed with the title of TWH Partner.

Our current partners: is an online community solely dedicated to the Total War series of games- from Shogun and Rome until Fall of the Samurai and Rome II and their mods. The user base is mature, dedicated and helpful and the site has a tradition of polite tone and overall good conduct. Anything from conversation to MP battles and hotseats can be found there for the aspiring general and the veteran alike.