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Rebels Campaign

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Game Version: Barbarian Invasion 1.6
Start Year: Standard
End Year: Standard
Ok, so this is my first mod and i'd greatly appreciate any feedback.

The game starts with you as the western rebels in control of the island of Sicily. As towns and cities in the empire rebel, they will join you and becoms usable, you must use this to expand and reconquer the Roman Empire before the incompitent leadership of the current regiem allows it to be swallowed up by the incoming barbarian hordes.

It should work properly, unzip the folder Rebelion to campaign folder in your directory (probably c:/program files/activision/Rome Total War/BI/Data/World/Maps/Campaign) then place the text file in your text folder of BI. say yes when it asks if you want to replace the current file.

I think that allowing the romans to rebel and join you makes the game slightly un balanced or atleast i was hoping to make it more difficult. Unfortulately, i cant figure out how to turn off the trigger because whenever i change the line for rebeling family members in the strat file, my game crashes. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me.
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Harry 350 Please read the review guidelines before rating.


When the campaign loads completly the game CTD(Crashes to desktop). can you help?

[Edited on 04/14/08 @ 03:32 AM]

Harry 350 I, it works now, I am going to post a save agme from this campaign, please tell me if you don't want me to.
Westernempire111 Hello scourgeofsparta. I extracted the files and copied the text files as you posted, but it didn't work. Are there different instructions for Version 1.4 which I am running, or could you give more detail? Thanks
pokejunkie11 u know, its for barbarian invasion, not for an patched version of the original game...
Official Reviewer
Overall Rating (Not An Average): 4
Overall good work but could do with some improvements.

Although i love the idea of playing as the Roman Rebels, a serious problem arises, every time a town defects to you, the unrest is VERY low and within the next few turns, it will defect back to the Romans, this makes for a hard financial budget. Furthermore, all generals that you get are Christian which poses a major problem with public order in the revolted cities which are Pagan. Converting them takes time and money on an already limited budget, most of the time the public order wont improve from converting to Christianity.

Everything works as planned, you start off with Syracuse and then you can either conquer more regions or settlements will defect to you. You have all the functions of the WRE.

Balance is okay, every time a city revolts you get some troops and possibly a general so your not left with an empty city impossible to defend, however, the WRE is a larger and more powerful faction so expect it to send some armies after your garrison of peasants that appear once a settlement revolts.

Great idea!
Maximus Persius Very good idea. No I can play RTW longer.
bart weisser
The Green Roman campaign is pretty fun to play. It also taught me a few (very important) things about RTW:BI. It may seem difficult at the beginning, but it is still not as hard as playing the Red Romans.

Before I go on, I have to warn you. I am pretty new to RTW. So thing that I think are "cool" to me may be common practice. I am also a strategy kinda guy, and I usually leave out the tactics until I really have to. Oh well, it never hurts to hear it from another point of view (I guess).


First off ... those hordes are really a pain in-the-you-know-where. My super duper assassins got killed, and them horde leaders don't take bribes. So I had to wear them down to just the faction leader and family members, and then exterminate them with my cavalry units on the tactical map. Foot units are just not fast enough to surround them, and the AI is too smart for "traps". I am not very used to doing the dirty work myself but this makes sure they disappear from my map. If these buggers didn't lay siege on my well-garrisoned cities with 50 men every other turn, I would have turned a blind eye and let them roam around.

The other thing, I have always had problems with citizens getting unhappy. For a long time I thought there was nothing to do about it, until I realized that entertainment controls only the happiness, and taxes controls both the growth rate and happiness. I always thought entertainment would cost a lot, but if you also have insanely high taxes, you would actually churn out a pretty nice profit.

Also, I have observed that after a city grows to a certain size, the amount of garrison is no longer important, as long as there is a military unit of some sort acting to lead the city. If it is not a front line city, I would just sack all the garrisons, and remove the military buildings. This creates a lot of disposable income for buildings, front-line units, and mercenaries.

Another thing that I often overlooked are land and sea trade routes. I never knew that it really disrupts my trade income (which is a lot) if I don't take care of pirates and enemies. So for the seas I just have medium sized fleets stationed in key cities. The blockage problem is cakewalk (4 to 5 ships each should last a long time between repairs). For land based trade routes, I have cavalry-only units stationed in key cities as emergency response units. The size usually ranges from 5 to 8 units depending on the anticipated activity level. In north Africa, for instance, the stretch between cities are so long, that I end up building forts along the trade route. I send spies to station there so that the forts don't disappear if the army goes hunt for trouble makers. Both methods keep my trade routes wide open, raking in cash like there is no tomorrow.

Religion is also a sensitive topic. Pagans fight better and Christians are more content, but the problem comes when you are trying to convert a city to one or the other. I think the best strategy is just to let nature take its course. Convert a city from Pagan to Christian only when there is stronger Christian influence. The leader's preference accounts for only 10% of happiness and there are more effective ways to compensate for that. Rome, Greece, and Africa are christian strongholds, while Gaul, Spain and Germany are predominantly Pagan. I find this arrangement easy to live with and the two religions seem to coexist peacefully within my borders.

The last thing I learned is a little touchy. I have always wanted to play nice, but I also know that a simple occupation of a settlement causes unrest. So I usually just enslave the people. But this won't do as well because it is a nightmare for overall city planning (i.e., you get extra people for cities you don't want growth). So you get a lot of unhappy cities very quickly with new slaves. This will sound very cruel, but from now on I just exterminate all the people. You get to enjoy the infrastructure of the large cities, and the happiness of a small population. Chances are, the troop that you used to invade the settlement is probably large enough that you don't need to raise additional units (maybe a few peasants to keep the peace while you move on, but nothing serious).


I start of in Silicy, and within a few turns you will receive more colonies. Sometimes it is obvious that these new colonies are too far for you to hold onto right away, so I just sell all the buildings, and disband the garrison (except for the generals ... hide them somewhere so that you will pick them up later). Don't try to rescue them right away. Mare Nostrum is still not tuum and your navy will get torn into pieces the moment they set sail.

Back to the new rebel colonies, I keep the ones that are close to Sicily. So I kept Rome, Tarentum (I think it also rebelled), Carthage and the colony east of Carthage. They are reasonable easy to defend, and the red face (unhappiness) can be fixed quite easily by lowering taxes. From Rome, I was able to capture all of northern Italy (yes, I exterminated them). With the extra cash I could get my African generals enough mercenaries to decimate the Berbers. I leave the Purple Romans alone in Africa. They never bothered me. I also managed to get some troops to capture Sardinia.

Around this time, you will be hit by Hordes. I had the Vandals and the Franks at the same time. Good thing they also fight each other. The hordes can be dealt with very easily by building a fort on the bridge between Milan and Ravenna. Your troops can be replenished quickly from the two cities, and this also keep the hordes from entering Italy. This will weaken the hordes (since for some reason they just keep laying siege to my fort instead of going after Milan). When they are down to their leaders, chase after them with cavalries and switch to tactical to make sure they die. It will be a while before you see another horde like this.

Then I started capturing all the colonies around Mare Nostrum west of Italy (I never really needed Greece for this scenario). This includes the colonies in Spain. Once that happens, set capital to Sardinia. This should keep the colonies in the far west in line. Focus on trade and food buildings, as they will be your lifeblood. I first got all of Spain, and slowly worked my way to France and Southern Germany. Once you capture enough colonies north of Milan, switch capital to Marseilles to keep these new colonies happy. Your existing colonies should be stable enough that it will not cause them to revolt.

The Red Romans are pretty easy to defeat, just keep exterminating them and no body gets hurt (oh really?) I even went as far as Britain, and happiness is of little concern. Just make sure, if you are fighting a barbarian territory, that you build forts at choke points to keep the hordes from coming your way (Saxon can be nasty.

Since one of my winning condition is to capture Constantinople, you will eventually have to work your way to Greece. Southern Greece is okay, but I generally find northern Greece hard to defend. Also, by the time you got there, the Huns would have their settlement. You don't want to piss them off because the general area is hard to defend, since there are many alternate paths to take to get to the same destinations.

The only problem, though, is that if you capture the last Roman colony, all your territories will be automatically ceded back to Red, and you will lose. Unfortunately I did it before I achieved the required objectives (i.e., 40 colonies including the designated locations) so I don't know what happens if I capture the last Red colony after.

[Edited on 04/17/09 @ 03:32 AM]

nielsen1235 hey .... I have a problom. every time I start the campaign stops game (crashes to desktop) what am I doing?
Rating: 5
It is totaly different to plying as the western romas, and significantly easier.

Additional Comments:
It needs more units.
Kmen0802 Downloaded the campaign and it works fine, I even copied the files and made the eastern rebels playable in a separate campaign. Eastern rebels still start in Sicily since I don't know how to change that. But it's still extremely fun.

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