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Britons Defensive 199 BC - Edorix

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Age: BC
Year: 199
This is a campaign I have been playing recently as the Britons. You are 142 turns into the game, but your faction has three provinces: this is because I have been playing a defensive campaign. Basically, I allowed myself only one foreign conquest at a time so I took Condate at one point, then abandoned it in favour of Ireland, and have since abandoned everything outside Britain or given them away to my allies: Carthage and Germania. However, I am not prohibited from landing forces outside my borders to collect mercenaries, declare war, raid Romans, kill off excess family members or get some target practise, especially since we have military access from Germania.

All our three settlements are fully-developed minor cities. I have renamed them all (and also the other provinces that were conquered at various stages of the game: Condate Redonum is now Dol, Tara is Eblana, and Samarobriva is Samarobriwa) to Camulodunon, Isurion and Dewadunon respectively. There is a Sacred Circle to Andrasta at Camulodunon, one to Brigantia at Isurion, and one to Britannia at Dewadunon. You have a number of family members scattered about your island, a diplomat in Spain and a few other characters in the region around Belgica. You have a ten-ship fleet at Dover and a smaller fleet at Dewadunon.

The Germans have conquered most of Northern Europe by now, and we recently bought an alliance with them and even military access. However, the Julii, having finished with Spain, are now encroaching on their territory and have even besieged Alesia: we have a family member down there ready to support the Germans and declare war on the Julii. I advise against attacking immediately: wait until German reinforcements arrive, and then allow yourself to be drawn into the battle when they sally. Otherwise the odds are against you.

I spent many turns trying to get the Carthaginians to accept Ireland from me. In the end I had to pay them a large sum along with it for them to accept, and a few turns later it had revolted back to me and they had declared war. I patiently gave it back to them and bought a ceasefire, and the next turn an alliance. Later I cheated and used a code to move their faction leader and his army up to the island from Southern Spain so that a) he wouldn't die and the Carthaginians be destroyed when the Romans took Corduba (as they now have) and b) the place would not revolt. Public order there remained an issue according to our intelligence until they moved their faction leader into the settlement, as he had been standing around outside with the majority of his forces for years. We are now thriving off the trade in the Irish Sea and we have a spy not far from Eblana keeping an eye on the Carthaginians - who have somehow sprouted huge numbers of troops and another family member out of nowhere. If they invade Britain things could be fun.

We have a stable economy, but the treasury is nearly empty because I have been spending literally hundreds of thousand bribing Julii armies in Spain away from the Carthaginian settlements there (I failed) and coercing the Germans and Carthaginians into accepting my diplomatic overtures. Many factions have been destroyed, and the Romans are beginning to get the upper hand in most places. However, the Greeks have evicted the Brutii and control much of the area around the Aegean. The Marian reforms set in a few turns ago, and the Julii army besieging German Alesia has a couple of Praetorian cohorts in it. The players remaining on the board are: Britannia (three provinces), Carthage (two provinces), Germania, Julii, Scipii, Brutii, Greeks, Dacia, Scythia, Parthia (one province), Armenia, Egypt, Rebels.

Whatever course you choose to take now - start expanding off the island again and take vengeance upon the Germans and Julii, or remain on the defensive protecting your small kingdom and aiding your allies with bribery and strike forces until 14 AD or after - challenges will await you a every turn...
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tommywommywoowoo Oh i forgot to ask, how do you rename settlements, ive searched on the internet but it doesnt seem to work. Please Help.

P.S. Sorry for the double post :(
File Author
Glad you're enjoying the campaign. :)

To change settlement names, you have to go to C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War\preferences\preferences.txt

Where it says EDIT_SETTLEMENT_NAMES: FALSE change it to TRUE. Then when you play a campaign, just click on the settlement name at the top of the settlement details scroll and edit away. :)
tommywommywoowoo Thanks a lot :D

[Edited on 08/18/10 @ 05:04 AM]

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