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Campaigns » David's Campaign (November 29)

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David's Campaign (November 29)

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Start Year: 270 BC
End Year: 14 AD
In this provincial campaign, I aim to combine Res Publica mod with my own various improvements. My idea is to create an advanced late-game start.


Update November 29:

- Changed Seleucid starting Denarii to 16000 (18000)
- Changed Greek Cities starting Denarii to 14000 (13000)
- Changed Numidia starting Denarii to 12000 (10000)


Update November 24:

- Scythians strategy is now Smith (Genghis)
- Seleucids start again with 18000 denarii (15000)


Update November 16:

- Added Text Descriptions and Leader Icons for Romans Senate, Armenians, Dacians,
Numidians, Scythians, Spanish, Thracians in David's Campaign

From: http://rtw.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=4575

- Backup of Campaign Descriptions included; this will not affect LAN or Online play.

- You will have to copy the files into David's Campaign if you have installed it before.


Update November 11:

- Version from May 18 included in Download as David's Original Campaign
- New Version is called David's Campaign
- Added for Gauls starting Archery Ranges and Practice Fields
- Increased Pontus starting Denarii to 12000 (8000)
- Increased Armenia starting Denarii to 10000 (8000)
- Increased Dacian starting Denarii to 12000 (8000)
- Changed Dacian military strategy to Smith (Stalin)
- Added for Dacians starting Warlords Stables Archery Range
- Added for Dacians starting Stables, Meeting Hall, Practice Field
- Increased Greek Cities starting Denarii to 13000 (10000)
- Increased Egypt starting Denarii to 15000 (12000)
- Changed Rebels strategy to Balanced Smith (Fortified Caesar; original)
- Increased Britons starting Denarii to 10000 (8000)
- Added 2 Cappadocian Cavalry to Pontus starting army
- Added Cavalry Stables for Pontus in Capitol
- Added 1 Egyptian Chariot and 1 Egyptian Chariot Archer to Egypt
- Reduced Seleucid starting Denarii to 15000
- Changed Scythians military strategy to Genghis (Genghis)


- Make sure to check out Basic Army Mod which works nicely with this custom campaign!

Update May 18:

- Seleucid strategy is now Napoleon
- Senate strategy is now Smith
- Carthage strategy is now Smith

Update May 17:

- Seleucids start with Late General's Cavalry
- Egypt starts with Late General's Cavalry
- Rome starts rest of Southern Italy
- Rome starts with 4 Extra Triarii + General up North, 1 Triarii + 1 Velites in Sicily
- Greek Cities start with previous Italian Army on Sicily
- Greek Cities start with additional troops in Asia Minor
- Macedon starts with 3 extra Macedonian Cavalry near Thessalonica
- Macedon starts with 2 Macedonian Cavalry in Thessaly instead of 1 Companion Cavalry
- Carthage starts with 1 group of Elephants in Sicily instead of War Elephants
- Carthage starts with 1 group of Elephants in Spain instead of War Elephants
- Seleucids start with 2 Group of Scythed Chariots, 1 Silver Shield Pikemen near Bostra with other units
- Seleucids start with 1 Group of Scythed Chariots in Sidon
- Parthia starts with 1 Extra Groups of Cataphracts & Hillmen at Susa
- Parthia starts with 10000 instead of 8000 Denarii
- Britons start with 8000 Denarii

Update May 11, 2021: Fixed bug with Parthia, Susa starting with a City Barracks rather than Militia Barracks (which would cause exit error). This happened because in my mod I had enabled City Barracks for Parthia, and I made the campaign here playable for the original game.


- Rome starts united under Senate with 6 Settlements and vast armies
- Carthage starts with higher grade Elephants, Royal Cavalry, Poeni Infantry, and Larger Navies plus more land in Spain
- Numidia starts with more Camels and higher grade buildings such as Cavalry Stables
- Spain starts with several Bull Warriors and high-grade Long Shield Cavalry
- Gauls start with more Druids, Chosen Swordsmen and some Noble Cavalry
- Germania starts with more Berserkers and Noble Cavalry
- Britons no change
- Dacians start with Chosen Swordsmen, high grade Falxmen, and Noble Cavalry
- Scythians start with several Noble Horse Archers, Scythian Nobles, and Head-Hunting Maidens and Cavalry Stables in all Settlerments
- Thrace starts with extra pairs of Bastarnae, Phalanx Pikemen, Greek Cavalry and Byzantium.
- Pontus starts with extra Pontic Heavy Cavalry and three extra Scythed Chariots and some Phalanx Pikemen
- Armenia starts with several extra Cataphracts and more upgraded Settlements
- Parthia starts with several Persian Cavalry, Cataphract Camels, and Cataphracts
- Greek Cities start with extra Spartan Hoplites, several extra Armoured Hoplites
- Macedon starts with several high grade Royal Pikemen, Phalanx Pikemen, Companion Cavalry
- Seleucid Empire starts with extra Silver Shield Pikemen, Cataphracts, and Companion Cavalry, along with Phalanx Pikemen and Halicarissus
- Egypt starts with some Pharaoh's Guards, Nile Spearmen, less Egyptian Chariots and less land including Jerusalem
- Rebels start with Jerusalem and have a much better army there (10 units)

Factions have increased starting Denarii: 8000, 10000, 12000, 15000 or 20000. Computer strategies have changed making Egypt (Henry) and Scythia (Genghis) different to deal with. Other factions now use a more powerful strategy (Napoleon). Senate (Rome) now uses a new strategy (Smith). All of these help the AI train harder armies to beat.

I have aimed these ideas towards keeping the campaign-map available for the player's conquest rather than just having each AI steamroll each other.

Place in Rome Total War Gold - Data - World - Maps - Campaign

And Press on Provincial Campaign to play.

Shows up as "David's Campaign".

Good luck campaigning!
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File Author
Victory Conditions: Win this campaign by conquering the whole world!

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