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Why Review?

Reviews have two main functions, both equally important:

1. They are for other players- to tell them what sort of file it is, how enjoyable it is and whether it is worth downloading.
2. They are for the designer- to tell him/her how well the file works, how you enjoyed it and anything that you think could improve it. They encourage better scenario design.

Why a Review Guide?

The Review Guide is a set of guidelines and rules which, firstly, help channel the reviewer’s thoughts into what to look out for when playing a downloaded file and, secondly, to give advice on how to write the best reviews.

What if I ignore it?

We assume you’ve read the guide before reviewing. If you write a review or give ratings that aren’t consistent with the guide, your rating will be removed.

How do I write a Review?

Reviews at Rome: Total War Heaven have one category. You should try to explain in depth why you gave the score that you did. The review can be as long as you like but you should give the author and the person downloading the file information on the file; what did you like? Was the file helpful or enjoyable? Were there problems? What would you like to see improved? Never insult or ridicule a designer. Be honest, but encouraging. Spell and grammar check your review, I can’t stress this enough, very little looks worse than a review chock full of spelling mistakes.

Treat the designer with courtesy

If there are glaring errors in the file which would make for a particularly negative review, it would be nice if you notified the author by email first. This allows them a little time to fix the problems before you submit a scathing review. It is appreciated, however, if you put up a comment with no rating that the file is flawed to prevent people from needlessly downloading it.


If you have any questions regarding reviews at Rome: Total War Heaven please direct them to Terikel Grayhair.

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Thanks to Spineman, Rasher, Gill and everyone else who has worked on the numerous review guidelines all over Heavengames. This review guideline is based on, and incorporates many of their ideas.