General Information Index Page

This is the index page for general information on the game.

What is Rome: Total War?

A quick overview of the game, including major features.

Options Explained by Terikel

Many of us have or have had questions concerning how to get the most pleasure out of our favorite game. Many of the answers are found in the Options, the one page most people use once then forget about. Other people have no idea of what the terms mean, playing with various settings until satisfied, or bored, or confused. Hopefully this article will relieve the boredom, eliminate the confusion, and speed up the finding of the perfect set-up for your rig to maximize playing pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question about the game? Check here to see if it’s already answered.

Patching Rome: Total War

A short guide on patching RTW to the latest version available to fix bugs and improve balance.

How to install a second copy of RTW

Making a backup copy of RTW can be a good idea so you can always play online without problems, or so you can install a mod that does overwrite the original game files without losing the ability to play the unmodified game. In this pictoral guide SubRosa explains how to install a second copy of RTW, including how to make a shortcut to it.

Civilizations and Factions

Find out more about the 20 playable and non-playable civilizations and factions vying for power in Rome: Total War.

Unit Descriptions

Our extensive database of units from the game.


Our extensive Architect’s Office of buildings used in the game.

Traits and Ancillaries Database

Details the Traits and Ancillaries of RTW.