Patching Rome: Total War

By Hussarknight

After Rome: Total War was released it’s developers released a number of patches that fixed some bugs in the game and made other small changes to the game. Installing them is a good idea because it will make your game more bug-free and thus more enjoyable. Your game has to be patched to version 1.5 to be able to install the Alexander expansion pack. This is not required for the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack.

Patching RTW is slightly harder than for some other games as some patches require previous patches to be installed. This article will tell you ho to patch RTW to 1.5, the latest version available.

First you need to know which version of RTW you are currently using. Start RTW and go to the “Options” screen. Your version number will be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen.

Now find which patches you need to install and in what order they should be installed using the table below.

Your version:First patch to install:Second patch to install:

Always install the patches in the order you can find in the table above. Not doing so will result in problems with your game.

You can download the patches here from the Support (use the link at the top-left of the page), then Support Rome page. Note that the 1.3 patch is region-specific, so only download the one for the language your game is in.

Installing the patches themselves is not hard. Simply place them anywhere on your harddrive and run them by double-clicking on them or by selecting them and pressing enter. The patch program will automatically detect your RTW directory and make the required changes.

Barbarian Invasion

Only one patch was released for BI: 1.6. When you have BI installed you should check which version you have via the method described above. If it says 1.4 you can install the 1.6 patch just like the normal RTW patches.

Installing the BI 1.6 patch will automatically patch RTW to 1.5, so you don’t have to install 1.5 and 1.6 separately.