Ladder Game Records

Date Winner Winner's faction Loser Loser's Faction Type
29-Jul-2011 Punic Hoplite Scipii Liam_the_Spartan Julii Clear
29-Jul-2011 Punic Hoplite SPQR Liam_the_Spartan Seleucid Empire Clear
29-Jul-2011 Punic Hoplite Carthage Liam_the_Spartan Egypt Clear
30-Jul-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Scipii GeneralScruff Macedon Clear
29-Jul-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Macedon GeneralScruff Julii Great
29-Jul-2011 GeneralScruff Germans Liam_the_Spartan Britons Great
12-Aug-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Macedon PraeQuae Germans Average
12-Aug-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Julii PraeQuae Seleucid Empire Average
12-Aug-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Carthage PraeQuae Egypt Clear
18-Aug-2011 Edorix Carthage Liam_the_Spartan Macedon Clear
18-Aug-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Julii Edorix Carthage Clear
18-Aug-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Carthage Edorix Macedon Clear
18-Aug-2011 Edorix Macedon PraeQuae Carthage Clear
18-Aug-2011 GeneralScruff Macedon Edorix Carthage Great
18-Aug-2011 Punic Hoplite Carthage GeneralScruff Macedon Clear
18-Aug-2011 Punic Hoplite Scipii GeneralScruff Seleucid Empire Clear
18-Aug-2011 GeneralScruff Germans Punic Hoplite Britons Average
18-Aug-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Julii Punic Hoplite SPQR Average
6-Sep-2011 Liam_the_Spartan SPQR GeneralScruff Julii Clear
6-Sep-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Macedon GeneralScruff Parthia Clear
6-Sep-2011 Liam_the_Spartan Julii GeneralScruff Brutii Average

The previous ladder standings are available here and the game records here.