Ladder Guidelines & Support

How do I join?

To be able to play on the ladder you need to be signed up on the forums. You can sign up to the forums here. After you’ve signed up you’ll need to sign up to the ladder by posting your forum username, Gamespy ID and your e-mail address in the signup thread. Your online gamespy ID must be closely related to (preferably containing) your forum username.

How do I play?

After you have been added to the ladder you can find other people who’ve signed up on the ladder to play. By viewing their profiles you’ll get any contact information they have. If they have none you may post in the Casual Challenge Thread. Sometimes simply hosting a game entitled ‘TWH Ladder Game’ will get you a game as well. Note that before you begin a game you should specify that it is a ladder game.

Reporting Games

The winner of the game will submit the results by posting a screenshot of the final result here. If the screenshot cannot be taken for whatever reason, both participating players posting in the thread is acceptable. Results are based on the honour system. Should it come out that you have been cheating or attempting to do so you will be banned from the ladder. If there is a disagreement of any sort please post it in this thread and we will attempt to resolve it. If it surfaces that you have attempted to lie about a result, you will be banned from the ladder. Rome Total War Heaven is currently run by barbarians, and we have a very low tolerance policy for dishonourable conduct.


  1. Before the game begins you must specify that it is indeed a ladder game. Game rules such as money and unit spam limits are left up to the individuals playing to determine.
  2. Trust is assumed! Submitting a screenshot is highly recommended as it provides a useful record and should help prevent disputes. Screenshots must be in JPG, PNG, BMP, TGA or GIF formats. I say it again: anyone caught lying or cheating will be automatically removed from the ladder. It is also recommended you save your battle replays, which are considered far more reliable than screenshots in the event of a dispute.
  3. Your online name for ladder battles must be closely related to (preferably containing) your forum name. Many people use names online that have no relation to their forum identity whatsoever, and we cannot keep track of such things. Any screenshots submitted without clear indication of the participants (forum name in game name) may be discounted.
  4. If you disconnect you will forfeit the game unless your opponent clearly states that the battle can be discounted. Too many disputes have been known to arise from disconnections. If a player disconnects before or during the deployment stage the battle does not count against them.
  5. If a dispute of any kind arises, please post in this thread and we will attempt to resolve it. There is no standard routine for dealing with desynchronisation as the circumstances are almost always different.
  6. Smurfing will not be tolerated. If it arises that you have attempted to pass for another forumer online you will be kicked off the ladder.
  7. You cannot play the same person more than three times in a row. After that you must fight at least three battles with (an)other player(s) before battling the original player again.
  8. As some players may wish to avoid other players in order to “conserve” their rating, the Laddermaster reserves the right to compel any two players to play each other within a specified time period. Penalties for failing to comply with this rule can result in deduction of points, even as far as or below zero. This rule will not normally be invoked except in extreme cases, as defined by the Laddermaster’s discretion.
  9. Attempts to corrupt the spirit of this ladder will result in being kicked off or otherwise penalized.
  10. If a player’s forum account is banned for whatever reason, the player may not partake in the ladder until their forum account is unbanned.
  11. The first player to reach a hundred points wins. If no player reaches this threshold over the course of one year, the player with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, the two winners must battle each other until one wins and the winner is then crowned champion. Once the champion has been established, all scores are reset and the ladder begins anew. Whoever wins is granted the honourific custom title of RTWH Ladder Champion to display for all to see, should they desire it. The champion retains this title until a new champion is crowned.
  12. Rankings are calculated according to the following system:
    • Everyone starts at 0. A heroic victory earns you 5 points, a clear victory 4, an average or close victory 3, a draw 2, an average, close or clear defeat 1 (for participation), and a crushing defeat 0.
    • Bonus points are awarded to the winner depending on the differences between the two players’ tallies before the battle. If the winner started with more points than the loser, he gains no extra points. If he started with 0-5 points less, +2. If he started with 6-10 less, +3. If he started with 11-15 points less, +4. 16-20, +5. 21-25, +6. And so on.
    • If the necessity of breaking ties should arise, other factors will be taken into account and balanced at the discretion of the Laddermaster. For instance, a greater total participation will favour you if you are tied with another player; however, if that players has defeated you before, this consideration will outweigh the former, etc.
  13. As Laddermaster, I reserve the right to add, remove, or otherwise modify the rules as required to maintain the integrity of the ladder. Any such changes will be announced in the ladder main thread.