Adding Custom Music to RTW

By Hussarknight

Want to listen to your favorite you like while playing RTW? Found a great track and want to march to battle with it playing on the background? Find out how to add your own music to RTW in this article.

If they aren’t in .mp3 format already, convert your music files to this format. There are a number of converters available: do a search on Google to find one that can convert the format you have to mp3.

Place the file or files you want to add in RTW\\data\\sounds\\music folder. If you want to you can use a different subdirectory, but using the same folder RTW uses is easiest.

Now to having the files play in RTW. The data for this is found in RTW\\data\\descr_sounds_music.txt. Before you edit the file make a backup copy of it. That way if something goes wrong you always have the original to fall back on.

The music that is used is set per culture. Each culture has it’s own section in the file. Find the section for the culture you want to give your music to. All faction sections start with a bit of code that looks like this:

 culture roman 

Sections end at the next culture tag in the file.

For each culture you’ll find a list of states and the music files that can be played during this state. States are this file’s way of saying what’s going on. For example when you’ve just won a victory and return to the campaign map the game will pick one of the music files listed under the music_campaing_victory state. The statenames are pretty self-explanotory so I won’t list the meanings of them here.

Now decide for which states you want your music file(s) to play. Then you simply add the name of the mp3 file between the “event” and “end” tags of the state you want, including the .mp3 extension. Make sure that a folder has been specified first. This is done by the “folder” line. Any files listed below will be looked for by the game in that folder. If you want to have music from two different folders available for the same state you can simply add another folder line and list the files that are in that folder below it. For example:

				folder data/sounds/music
				fav music.mp3
				folder sounds/mymusic
				01 - symphony.mp3
				grand orchestra.mp3

So there you are, now you can enjoy the music of your choice while playing RTW. If you’re having problems or have a suggestion about this article feel free to contact me.