Adding New Regions To The Strategic Map

By SubRosa

So you are tired of the 103 regions that Rome: Total War possesses? Want to add more? Or have you created a new map and now you want to put some regions in it? Then this is the article for you.

First off you must realize that Rome: Total War only supports a maximum of 200 regions, including The Sea (which also counts as a region). So there is a limit to how many new territories you can create.


  • Notepad
  • Graphics Editor that supports the .tga file format (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Irfanview, etc…)

You must edit the following files. As with all modding, make a backup copy of each of these files before you edit them!

  • RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Base\\Map_Regions.tga
  • RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Base\\Descr_Regions.txt
  • RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Campaign\\Imperial_Campaign\\Descr_Regions_And_Settlement_Name_Lookup.txt
  • RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Campaign\\Imperial_Campaign\\Descr_Strat.txt
  • RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Campaign\\Imperial_Campaign\\Descr_Mercenaries.txt
  • RTW\\Data\\Text\\Imperial_Campaign_Regions_And_Settlement_Names.txt
  • RTW\\Data\\Text\\Rebel_Faction_Desc.txt
  • RTW\\Data\\Descr_Rebel_Factions.txt

Plus delete RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Base\\Map.rwm

Step One

Start by opening Map_Regions.tga. Color in your territory with a unique color and note the rgb value. I find it easiest to use the eye-dropper tool to select the color of an existing region, then manually add one to each of the color values. Write down the red-green-blue (or RGB) value numbers of the color you select, as you will need them in the next step. Put a black dot somewhere in the region for the settlement, and a white one for a port. Note that ports must be on a coastline.

Every region must have one city, no more, no less. Only regions with a coastline can have a port. Note that if you place the city within terrain that is inaccessible, such as the top of a mountain, the game will crash when you attempt to start a new campaign.

Step Two

Now go to Descr_Regions.txt and create a new section using the key below. It is easiest to find another settlement owned by the faction you want and copy and paste its entry. Just be sure to change the region name, settlement name, rebel type, and map RGB value after you do so. Likewise, change any resources that might be different.

 region name    settlement name
	   faction owner
	   Rebel Type
	   map RGB value
	   resource list
	   triumph point value
	   base farm level


	   217 245 60
	   grain, slaves, hides, pigs, dogs

Region Name – The name of the region. Note that names which consist of more than one word must have
an underscore _ between words, such as Britannia_Inferior.

Faction Owner – This denotes the faction that created the settlement.

Rebel Type – This name will be used to refer to the rebels that appear in this territory. It is used
in Rebel_Faction_Desc.txt and Descr_Rebel_Factions.txt

Map RGB Value – This is the red-green-blue color value used for the territory in Map_Regions.tga.

Resource List – This lists all of the resources found in the province. All provinces must have the slaves resource.

triumph point value – This appears to have never been implemented, so you can ignore it.

base farm level – This determines how fertile the province is. The higher the number, the greater the fertility.

Step Three

Go to Descr_Strat.txt and add an entry for the region, using the region name specified above. Again, it is easiest to find another settlement similar to what you want, and copy and paste its entry. Remember to change the region name and creator afterward though. Also do not forget to add military units. You can find a complete guide to the Descr_Strat.txt file here.


	   level town
	   region Bosporus

	   year_founded 0
	   population 1200
	   plan_set default_set
	   faction_creator macedon
	     type core_building governors_house
		     type defenses wooden_pallisade
		   type hinterland_farms farms

character	sub_faction greek_cities, Chersis, general, age 20, , x 184, y 102

unit		   greek hoplite militia 	   exp 0 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
unit		   greek hoplite militia 	   exp 0 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
unit		   barb horse archers slave 	   exp 0 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0
unit		   slave amazon archers 	   exp 0 armour 0 weapon_lvl 0

Step Four

Now go to Descr_Regions_And_Settlement_Name_Lookup.txt and add both the region and settlement names to the bottom of the file, on
separate lines.



Step Five

Go to Imperial_Campaign_Regions_And_Settlement_Names.txt and add in both the region and settlement names in {brackets} on the left, and the put the names you want displayed in the game on the right. Names in the left side column that have two or more words must have an underscore “_” between words. Names in the right column do not.


{Bosporus}			Bosporus
{Panticapaeum}			Panticapaeum

Step Six (Optional)

Go to Rebel_Faction_Desc.txt and add in a line for the name of the rebels who will appear in the province. Put the name of the Rebel Type given in Descr_Regions.txt in {brackets} on the left and the name you want to appear in the game to the right.


{Bosporans}			Bosporan Rebels

Note that you can forgoe this step if you use one of the existing rebel factions. See more on this below.

Step Seven (Optional)

Next go to Descr_Rebel_Factions.txt and add in a section for the rebels of the territory. The name for Rebel Type and Description must be the same as that listed for Rebel Type in Descr_Regions.txt. The units listed must use the name after “Type” in Export_Descr_Unit.txt (also the same name used to denote the unit in Export_Descr_Buildings.txt). The more often a unit is listed, the larger the percentage of them will be in the rebel armies that spawn.


rebel_type 			Bosporans	//macedon
category			peasant_revolt 
chance				0					
description			Bosporans
unit				greek peasant
unit				greek hoplite militia
unit				greek hoplite militia
unit				greek cavalry
unit				barb horse archers slave
unit				generic rebel general

You can skip this step if you wish, and use an existing rebel faction. In this case be sure the name in Rebel Type here matches the same line in Descr_Regions.txt.

Step Eight

Go to Descr_Mercenaries.txt and add the region to the appropriate section here. Simply enter the name of the region to the end of the “regions” line, leaving a space between it and the word before it (with no commas). You may even want to create a new section for your territory and other new territories. If so, just add a new section with a unique name after “Pool”, then enter the territories you want to the “regions” line. Finally enter the units you want to be available there. You can find a complete guide to editing Descr_Mercenaries.txt here.


pool Taurica
	regions Lesser_Taurica Greater_Taurica Bosporus Thatea
	unit merc sarmatian cavalry,	exp 0 cost 1200 replenish 0.1 - 0.15 max 1 initial 0
	unit merc horse archers,	exp 1 cost 800 replenish 0.12 - 0.38 max 3 initial 1
	unit merc amazon hoplite,	exp 1 cost 850 replenish 0.08 - 0.15 max 2 initial 1
	unit merc amazon archers,	exp 1 cost 850 replenish 0.08 - 0.15 max 2 initial 1
	unit merc greek hoplites,	exp 0 cost 850 replenish 0.03 - 0.07 max 1 initial 1

Step Nine

Finally delete RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Base\\Map.rwm. Do not worry, it will be rebuilt when the game starts. If you do not do this the game will crash when you start a campaign. That is it, you are done!


If you merely want to change the external name of an existing region (the name displayed in the game), simply go to Imperial_Campaign\\Descr_Regions_And_Settlement_Name_Lookup.txt. You will see the internal names listed on the left, and the displayed names on the right. Just change the one on the right.