Editing Mercenary Recruitment

By SubRosa

There is only one file that needs to be edited in order to change Mercenary recruitment:


As always when modifying the game, be sure you make a backup of your original file before you edit it, so that you can fall back to it in case things do not work correctly.

Mercenaries are recruited according to pools. Each pool consists of specific territories on the map. The mercenaries listed in a pool can be recruited from any territory listed in that pool. There can be any number of territories in a pool, and any number of mercenary units available within it.

Here is an example of a pool:

pool Greece
  	regions Epirus Aetolia Attica Peloponnesus		
  	unit merc peltast,           exp 1 cost 600 replenish 0.1 - 0.15 max 2 initial 1
  	unit merc cretan archers,    exp 0 cost 750 replenish 0.05 - 0.08 max 1 initial 0
  	unit merc greek hoplites,    exp 1 cost 850 replenish 0.1 - 0.15 max 2 initial 1

Now we will break it down line by line to see what everything means.

Pool – This line indicates the name of the pool. It can be anything you like, just so long as it is unique within this file. Pool names with more than one word must have an _ underscore between words.

Regions – This line indicates the territories within the pool. Use the same region names here as are given in RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Base\\Descr_Regions.txt or RTW\\Data\\World\\Maps\\Campaign\\Imperial_Campaign\\Descr_Strat.txt. Do not put commas between entries, just a space will do.

Unit – There will be one of these lines for each unit type available within the pool. Each line is broken up into several sections. Again, do not put commas between sections, a simple space between words will do.

  • Unit Name – This is the internal name of the unit, given in the “Type” line in RTW\\Data\\Export_Descr_Unit.txt or the recruitment lines in RTW\\Data\\Export_Descr_Buildings.txt. Unlike Export_Descr_Buildings.txt, do not put this name in “parenthesis”.
  • Exp – This denotes the experience level the units will start with, ranging from 0 (none) to 9 (three gold chevrons).
  • Cost – This is how much each unit will cost to recruit. This overrides the cost listed in Export_Descr_Unit.txt, however the upkeep listed in that file still applies.
  • Replenish – This determines how often new units will become available for recruitment in the pool, given in a range from lowest probability to highest. The higher the number given, the more likely the unit is to become available.
  • Max – This is the maximum amount of units of the type listed that can be available in the pool at any one time.
  • Initial – This is the number of units available at the beginning of the game.

That is it. Have fun with your new mercenaries!