Bombardment Strategy

By Jonathon Clark AKA The Mighty Pharaoh

This amazing new strategy allows Barbarians to finally get the upper hand on Romans and Greeks. For it to succeed, you will need the following:

  • One Brain
  • A barbarian nation with good foot archers and heavy infantry and a fairly good cavalry.
  • An enemy of AI VH difficulty.

Firstly, choose 6 units of archers. 4 units of light cavalry and the rest should be heavy infantry.

p>Now, I tried this strategy as the Germans, so I used 6 Chosen archers, 4 Barbarian mercenaries and the rest were axmen.

Group two units of archers together, making 3 groups. Deploy them so that 2 units of archers are clumped together. Squashed in so to speak.

Now, allow the axmen to stay in their current formation. The standard formation which the computer puts you in. Deploy your cavalry as far away from battle as possible. The sideline is best for them.

Allow the enemy to advance towards you. You will notice your archers begin to fire with fire at will on. Now, here is the fun part. You will get good accuracy and a machine gun type effect due to the collision coding in the game. The archers are too close together for them to all fire at once, so it goes in volleys. The line behind firing after the one in front and by the time the last row has fire the front will fire again!

Now, while you are pinning down some of the enemy force, rush in your heavier infantry to smash ’em! Once they start to route, send in your cavalry to run down the routing cowards! You will have probably destroyed 95 percent of the enemy army while incurring losses of only around 10 percent yourself. 😀

Now, for my battle, I used a fully upgraded army of axmen, Gothic cavalry and chosen archers. The enemy was the Julii. They had a fully upgraded army of auxilia and 1st cohort infantry. This strategy may be weak against cavalry but has proved itself to be good!