The Guild of the Skalds

This mighty and sovereign guild honors those authors, writers, illustrators, bards, minstrels, skalds, and story-tellers here among the Heavens who have completed a tale for the enjoyment of others. Each has dutifully and diligently shared with us at least one wonderful tale- be it a quill-and-ink story, a heavily illustrated Report of Campaigns completed, or a tale that is a mixture of both.

The Guild has its members ranked thusly:

  • Apprentices have completed a tale or two.
  • Bards have completed three but not more than seven superb stories or histories.
  • Master Skalds have completed eight or more works for the enjoyment of our Peers.
  • The Grand Masters of this elegant guild are the Seraphs, Angels, and Cherubim who watch over our efforts, though the usual acting Grand Master will be the Seraph.

There are three Orders in this Guild.

Candidates may apply to the Grand Masters for admission. The Grand Masters shall check over the piece to ensure quality, length, and completeness meet Guild criteria. If the work passes the initial screening, the matter shall be put forth before the Guild. All Guild members so wishing may have their say, though they are under no obligation to do so. If a majority of those voicing their vote within the Guild vote Aye, the piece is accepted and the candidate may join the Guild.

Candidates and members are responsible for the tracking of their own progress within the Guild. Members may contact the Grand Master to update their status. Individual chapters or parts of a long tale, if of sufficient quality and length, may count as individual entries upon completion of the entire tale.

Advantages of membership:

  • Members have earned the right to have their voices heard concerning applications to the Guild.
  • Members have their names and accomplished works immortalized on the Site of the Order.
  • Members may partake in an annual awards ceremony for the virtual trophies of the Golden Quill, the Platinum Palette, the Diamond Stylus.
  • Members have earned the right to have their votes count twice in the Sepia Jousts.
  • Members are under no obligations to exercise these rights.

In addition to our standard Orders above, there is also the Sage’s Corner, where budding authors and sages and scribblers of all ages may visit to learn about their chosen craft. In that repository lie scrolls written by masters past and present, aids and advice to improve one’s skills and tales for the enjoyment of all.