About Terikel Grayhair

A true Viking who calls home wherever his shield hangs, this warlord has graced the Dark Forests of Germania, the frozen fjords of Norway, the bustling East Coast of faraway America, and currently the sandy shores of Holland with his abodes…
Email: Terikel.Grayhair.heavengames@gmail.com

The Career of Terikel Grayhair

Year Ranks and Titles Awards
2007 Forummer None
2008 Centurion Chaucer, Tryhard Awards
Cherub, TWH
2009 Legate Egil Skallagrimson, Sainthood, Livy Awards
Custom Title: Praetor Pharoah’s Ambassador, Gaius Marius Awards
Tribune of the Plebs, Egil (2d), Livy (2d) Awards
Custom Title: Consul BfME2 Black Gate Award
2010 Angel, TWH Aristotle, Gaius Marius, Victoria Awards
Custom Title: Censor Livy, Egil Skallagrimson, Guild Awards
Custom Title: Princeps Senatus RLT Wise Old Monk Awards
Seraph, RTWH
2011 RLT Wise Old Monk, Cato the Elder, Best Speller Awards
Custom Title: Interrex RWT Gaius Marius, Senator, Victoria Awards
NETWH Napoleon Award (Nappy Lion)
Custom Title: Imperator M2TWH Awards- all of them, unanimously!
EXCO, HeavenGames M2TWH Most Popular Misplaced Viking Award (thanks guys!)
2012 RLT Viking Berserker, TWH Good King Wenceslas Awards
Co-Owner, HeavenGames M2TWH Charles VI, Abelard, Bolingbroke, Sir Robert Awards
M2TWH Froissart, Terikel Awards
Shogun: Confucius, Oda Nabunaga, and Chi Scroll Awards
RTWH Aristotle, Gaius Marius, Evocatus, and Victoria awards
2013 TWH Good King Wenceslas Awards
TWH Egil Skallagrimson Award
RTWH Pharaoh’s Ambassador, Senator, Livy Awards
RTWH Tribune of the Plebs, Gaius Marius Awards
2014 TWH Augustine Monk Award
TWH Egil Skallagrimson Award
RLT Methuselah and Hasdrubal the Handsome Awards
RLT Longshanks and Prince Philip Awards
Beste Quote 2013: “My magic screen is constantly bombarded with nubile young things eager to please these old eyes. This truly is a wonderful period in which to exist!” – Terikel Grayhair

Since 2014, no further Awards ceremonies were held. There were no more worlds to conquer….


Faction Overviews:

Overview: Germania
Overview: Britannia
Overview: Thrace
Overview: Macedon
Overview: Scythia
Overview:Romans- General
Overview:Romans: Julii
Overview:Romans: Scipii
Overview:Romans: Brutii
Overview: SPQR

Faction histories:

Germania History
Britannia History
Armenia History
Thrace History
Gaul History
Macedon History
Greek Cities History
Scythia History

Unit Rosters

Units: Macedon
Units: Scythia
Units: Spain
Units: Numidia
Units: Pontus
Units: Armenia
Units: Thrace
Units: Dacia
Units: Mercenaries


Cavalry Ops
Options Explained
The Art of the Assault
The Ambush
Coldhearted Bastard
Truth or Fantasy- Exotic Units
Scythia Gameplay Info
Architect’s Office- 41 pages = 10 quals
The General Class
The Phalanx Class
The Artillery Class
The Archer Class
The Legionary Class
The Wardogs Class
The Roman Civil War
Reconnaissance: Knowing is Winning


Gladius vs Sarissa
Marian Reforms
Roman Military Genius
Know your Heroes-Roman Military Awards
Conquered, We Conquer
Warships of Mare Nostrum
Mercenaries and Sellswords

Shogun 2:

Clan History: Chosokabe
Clan History: Takeda
Daisho: Mark of the Samurai
Bushido: Way of the Warrior
Clan History: Date
Clan History: Mori
The Onin War
Clan History: Hojo

Rome 2:

Faction History: Iceni
Faction History: Suebi


8th Awards Presentation
Terikel’s Scroll of Wisdom(FAQ Section)
9th Awards Presentation (RTWH)
9th Awards Presentation (Comm)
X RLT Awards Hosting Noms and Tallies
X RTW Awards Hosting Noms and Tallies
X ETW Awards Hosting Noms and Tallies
X MTW Awards Hosting Noms and Tallies
X Community Awards Presentation
XI RLT+Comm Awards Noms and Voting
XI RTWH Awards Noms and Voting
XI M2TWH Awards Noms and Voting
XI RLT+Comm Awards Presentation
XI RTWH Awards Presentation
XI M2TWH Awards Presentation
Terikel’s Tips
Sage’s Corner
XII Shogun Awards Presentation
XIII Red Lion Tavern Awards Presentation
XIIII TWH Awards Noms and Voting
XIIII Awards Presentation

Done, Sent and Posted

Count towards Custom Title : 92

Tales penned by Terikel Grayhair, Master Skald:

1-The Batavian Revolt I- They Come
2-The Batavian Revolt II-Vengeance at Traiectum
3-The Batavian Revolt III-Betrayal on the Border
4-The Batavian Revolt IV-Batavia Rises
5-The Batavian Revolt V-Homeward Bound
6-The Batavian Revolt VI-The Long Road to Castra Vetera
7-The Batavian Revolt VII-Sunrise at Bedriacum
8-The Batavian Revolt VIII-And yet, I was once our emperor
9-The Batavian Revolt IX-Midwinter Misery and Madness
10-The Batavian Revolt X-Prophecies Fulfilled
11-The Batavian Revolt XI-The Little War
12-The Batavian Revolt XII-The Broken Bridge

13-The Legacy of Prasutagus

14-The Eagle and the Wolf part I-Remember!
15-The Eagle and the Wolf part II-Tyroes in the Forest
16-The Eagle and the Wolf part III- Downs and Ups
17-The Eagle and the Wolf part IV- Mushrooms and Murderers
18-The Eagle and the Wolf part V- In the Wolf’s Jaws
19-The Eagle and the Wolf part VI- Doom and Darkness
20-The Eagle and the Wolf part VII- The Cauldron
21-The Eagle and the Wolf part VIII- Broken Hearts and New Chances
22-The Eagle and the Wolf part IX- Ominous Revelations
23-The Eagle and the Wolf part X- Trials and Triumph
24-The Eagle and the Wolf part XI- Return to Vetera