The Sage’s Corner

Welcome, scholar, to the Sage’s Corner. Our brethren, the Skalds, Minstrels, and Bards of the Bardic Circle have left quite their mark on walls of our halls. Some of them have even devoted time to pass their wisdom to the next batch of budding writers through the generation of scrolls filled with guides, tips, and pointers for those willing students of the arts.

Within the confines of this chamber, one can easily sort through diverse reference material, or peruse the words of the mighty minstrels to learn new techniques and manners of creating thrilling tales of adventure, or inscribing an enrapturing story of battle, or even a captivating ballad of love won or lost.

Guild of the Skalds. In this hall are enshrined the completed tales of such quality that they deserve to be immortalized. There are three orders within the Guild, each dealing with a different genre. The Order of the Silver Quill displays tales told with pen and ink. In the Order of the Golden Palette thou shalt find those tales that are heavily illustrated. In the
Order of the Electrum Stylus reside those tales which are a mixture of both. Read what has been written, and study the ways of the masters in roder to become one yourself.

Night_Raider’s Guide to Writing a Memorable War Story.
The noble and elegant Lord Night_Raider, also known as Kaiser Winterfeldt, scribbled this treatise in order to help budding authors understand the pieces that make up a wonderful tale of war- or other tales, to be honest. His advice and wisdom transcends the war story to add spice to any form of tale.

SubRosa’s Guide to writing a good AAR & Posting Screenshots. Here the gifted and wise Queen of the Windswept Plains gives advice on writing the heavily illustrated tales required for entry in the Order of the Golden Palette. Included in her wonderful treatise is good advice to novices concerning the making and posting of illustrations for thy illustrated tale.

Terikel’s Tips. Not to be outdone, Master Skald Terikel Grayhair also leaves scribblings to educate the future skalds of the chambers. His runes address primarily the formatting necessary to attract and keep readers, and tips on how to write in a manner conducive to keeping those readers intrigued with thy runes.